We need to talk about Steph Curry

It really kind of sucks that we “forgot” about him or didnt appreciate him as much as we should have the last few years because of Durants arrival. Hes having an absolutely ridiculous start to this year and theres no reason to think it wont continue. His 3pt % will ultimately regress (maybe lol) but even then his number wont dip much at all because he so skilled around the basket. Pretty clear the warriors are at their most dangerous running everything through him. This stat is ridiculous btw

Ps. So funny that there were people who really thought he wasnt the best PG in the league these last 3-4 years


Warriors* im high and my brain just stopped working for a second

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I mean hes shooting around 53% on 13 3pt attempts a game

We are most likely getting to watch a guy who ultimately will be considered a Top 10 All-Time NBA player, in the midst of his prime. And a guy who, moreover, revolutionized the game in a way that only a very small handful of guys have done before.

Also a guy who has, from all appearances, been totally unimpeachable in terms of being a public role model and a great teammate.

NBA Basketball is ultimately a triviality in life, but I still wish my kids were old enough to really appreciate Curry and have concrete memories of his greatness on the court.


To me he already is a Top 10 player ever. Not sure if most remember but before steph curry really hit his stride the warriors were a mess, draymond was a bench player behind david lee and klay definitely wasnt who he is today. Youre right he truly revolutionized the game and honestly the pace of todays game is in large part due to him. He changed basketball forever. Lets not forget he had the best offensive season ever and he might just to top it.


I was just arguing with my friends about curry. I think he’s gonna be in goat contention when all is said and done, if he plays the 14-18 years most greats do, his stats stay at the expected level, and he gets to 6 rings (And maybe another MVP).

I think he has a legit shot at being the GOAT

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To me he already is a Top 10 player ever.

I wouldn’t necessarily disagree.

What I meant was that: when he’s done, I think that this will be widespread consensus opinion.

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There is nothing Curry can do to ever make him the Goat. I’m a Curry fan but lets not act like Curry hasn’t been exposed many times


I’m sure no one thought a 6’6” guard could ever be GOAT before MJ. Only centers before him.

No one thinks a 6’3” guard can be GOAT. But he’s already revolutionized the game. Let’s see what he can do the rest of his career.

He hasn’t revolutionized the game. There have been players to try and imitate his game but saying has has revolutionized that game is reaching.


He absolutely revolutionized the game.


You’re kidding right? Definitely revolutionized the game.


Lol good one

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Great shooter? Yes - but much easier to get shots off when you have other threats on your starting line-up. A bit of a stretch to call him potential GOAT when you may not even be the best player on your team…or did I miss Durant’s Finals last year? Curry has been exposed again and again for his defense, and he shot cold…or did I miss choking a 3-0 lead? Let’s see how Curry plays if Durant and/or Klay walk…when they rebuild can he carry the team?

Long season ahead, and less than 10 games in I am hearing MVP talk? Wow. By February they will be talking Anthony Davis, by year end LBJ - fans are fickle.

Mad respect to his shooting when he is on…and he has had a sick start of the year…but 82 games, let us see how he runs the year and how it goes when Boogie joins. I do agree he changed the game,
far more shots from the outside - he popularized the outside shot.

What criteria would you give him GOAT…when we took it away from LBJ last year? Not sure I would go that far, he has had a good few years, yes…but to call him GOAT? LBJ goes to the finals 8 years in a row, but we hold him accountable for sucking against Dallas…Curry heaves hail mary bricks and goes form the best team in NBA history in reg season to the biggest upset in sports history…but yep, GOAT talk?

He hasn’t dominated since he came in the league?

Call him the best pure shooter to ever play - yes - but I don’t think he could ever be GOAT.


Steph could play on any team and be great. I would love to see him in the jazz or pacers, the screens they run are pretty op for scoring and steph would be open alot of the time. To be this great and put up so many points with a great team is insane.

How? His game is special but explain to me how he changed the game.

Hes the reason the floor is so spreadout these days and now everyone needs a 3 ball

Curry can never be the goat he can provide the offense but his defense is ass comeon now a goat needs to do both sides of the court

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You witnessed what Curry can do when kd wasnt there. Okay yeah they blew a 3-1 lead they didnt have Bogut and Draymond got suspended. You wanna say he choked? Go ahead lol. 3-1 is now their finals record

Curry is averaging 33ppg dude doesnt even play the 4th qtr most of the time. You can bring up Giannis, AD, and Lebron. All extraordinary physically gifted talents. Theyre all playing the 4th qtrs. They cant change the game like Curry can