We need some damn DUOS

POTM for 2 months… 2k needs to release some duos so ppl can have more fun with random lineups.t


Game is cancelled

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Some insider told me that Not and Working are getting a duo :100:


Game died when Rachel left 2KTV


I don’t get why people care about duos this late in the game. Most of the players are maxed out in the key stats after the coach and shoe boost already

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It’s because older cards with stats that are outdated get a boost back to being usable again (and because it makes people’s lineups more diverse). Of course, that would be if duos actually worked this year.


“tHe dUoS aReN’t gLiTcHeD”


Duos never worked this year… Noticed it during the first week the game was out, I was running Curry - Klay and Steph wasn’t getting his 3 boosted

They also need to be good duos, not +3 In 5 useless stats

Here’s pg13 duo to give him plus 7 total attributes… that’s what they will do

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We have this exact same problem every year. Dont waste your time wishing for it because it isnt going to happen. Duos are something that requires effort that 2k cant profit on so it isnt high on their agenda.

Here is one for you:

Unfortunately 2k is only interested in Cash, not Tango.


Bloody hell, you’re really old :nerd_face: :wink:

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Still alive…

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We need more duos like :gem: Kobe and :gem: Pau, Kobe gets like 12 stats and Pau get 15. Or what about PD Magic and :gem: Kareem? Magic +12, Kareem +25. Defs need more duos like that lol gamebrakers

What if duos boosted badges too from gold to hof.

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Let’s not get carried away they can’t even boost stats lol


Would be awesome but as @PTV said, we can’t even get stat boosts lol

I really want duos with Doc and Bobby, Billy and Wilt.

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Winner of seven Academy Awards

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