We need Badge Packs

In the game we already have contracts, shoes and consumables packs obtainable in TTO, challenges, daily login bonus etc.
Bronze and silver badges are incredibly expensive, 2K needs to add some badge packs as rewards!


Aren’t there badge packs awarded for reaching the season levels?

Tb packs are richer badgewise.

Need more badge packs like bronze, silver and gold and more badge pack availabilites because we barely get them

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First, we need to talk about the coaches…

We definitely need diamond coach availability

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Nick Nurse is literally 90k+. It’s so ridiculous.


ikr I saw someone bid 127k on xbox a week ago

This is what should be in the token marketplace. You would break them up based off of type of badge. A shooting pack, playmaking, defensive, etc. You would get one bronze, one silver, and one gold badge in each pack. There would be small chance you get a hof badge as well. This type of stuff is so simple and they still don’t do it.

Well, someone at 2K saw this thread

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It was Sam lol


Did something happen?

Unlimited wins you get a pack with a badge or something

Token market would be a great place for badge packs. Not like there’s really anything else of value for tokens. Probably a good token to MT exchange too.

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Also on wednesday or thursday there’s a badge pack as daily login bonus, and in creators lockercodes too! Thanks 2K!


did anyone get a HOF badge from this packs ?

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I won’t tag 6th sam but it seems things happen as we ask for lately. It must be him :joy:

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I will try too

Sam, we need a new evo players! They are a must in the offline matches when you have done all available agenda.

Cross fingers, waiting promo in friday :slight_smile:

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wait Sam works for 2k?

how do I only have 9 coach cards so far? And I keep getting the same ones. I think I’ve got Ryan Saunders and JB Bickerstaff 20 times so far