We need a shanon brown card

what u think


And a monta ellis lol.


Monta Ellis was a God gold card back in the day when the best tier was gold


And the GOAT Kwame Brown

Does roy hibbert have a card this year. Need that dude.

image https://pics.me.me/on-december-20-2005-kobe-bryant-and-kwame-brown-combined-25217291.png


Kwame is the Reason Kobe Scored 62.
He gave up his Ego for Kobe Hahaha

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Shannon Brown was an amazing dunker, dude could jump outta the gym

Yes! And give him a dynamic duo with Pink Diamond Andrew Bynum.


Shannon brown playing in the big3 league this year.

Give me an amethyst Willie Green, while you’re at it.

Shannon seriously looked like he was hitting an invisible trampoline off the floor when he dunked in game. Too bad his game didn’t contribute much else. He also had a very underwhelming dunk contest showing

Yeah this right here Monta Ellis leggo

Only if they give him a 99 block and HoF Chasedown Artist

Unfortunately no, they lost his rights this year since he’s been out of the league for 2 years now :frowning:

We need a lot of things in 2k. I’d rank this #1065 on the list.