We live! Saturday Chill Stream

We live!! Saturday Chill Stream


The only way Ill pick up Kareem is if he can get Post Takeover.


I think he is stuck with it. So no worries there :slight_smile:

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I thought it would be Glass/Rim? So youre saying he can get POST?

yes because of 99 post control and fade

Saw a video and he had Glass/Rim. Guess it was his coach

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i’ll report back to you once I get him

Going for a Twin Tower lineup

Are u trying to snipe him?

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I wish lol.

Waiting on a bid currently. It hurts to bid 700k but I NEED this card lol

Oh I joined late, filters confused me. Good luck he’s 2mil on PC.


Thanks man! You too! He looks like a beast of a card

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@6thManSam, you’re a site OG & also quite possibly the YouTuber that’s been a member here the longest… you are totally allowed to post your videos lol.


Hahaha I never thought about that. Good to know, thanks!

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UPDATE: Just got him for 710K… YEESHHH


He gets Rim/Post with White Kobes and Dantoni

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Just got Post/Defend with ruby coach and gold post fade boost shoe

Can you check what his takeover with a ruby coach please? don’t want to waste white kobe lol

How’s his jumper

Same as PD. First shot I took with him was a 3 and it went in