We have ways to boost your abilities beyond the 99 cap 👀

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I just can never get into MyCareer or MyPark. Idk what it is, but it’s just never been fun to me.

If I have 111 open 3 and miss I’m uninstalling



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Maybe they planning to make a 99+ cards.
What’s left after perfect MJ&LeBron…

This whole Takeover system smells like equalizer thing for me.

if i see a guy hitting three point from the half while getting guarded hard by double team i will not be surprised at any level.

Im fully prepared for PDs with 124 open 3 and 115 driving dunk


Me neither but I’m getting into it for virtual copper purposes

Parks fun if you have mics and communicate. Pro am gets complicated tho.

Park and Pro Am was terrible with 99 open shot, 99 contest shot pure sharps now with the takeover system it’s gonna be worse lmfao

Wow, that’s a great feature nobody asked for :pensive: