We got to win 200! (J Will)

J Will has 97 offense and 79 defense, 6 hof badges, 22 gold. He’s goated. Next up, J Cross


My hack is to take a screenshot of the photo from your camera gallery. See if it works for you


Nice work man!

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That speed killed me inside when I saw it


It should be 90+ but since he has gold downhill I’m cool with it

He needed at least an 88 across the board for the card to be usable. 85 ain’t gonna cut it with his lack of athleticism if you use your point guard for anything other than playmaking

Yeah I’m using him and he’s pretty nice. J Will wasn’t a slasher anyway lol

Coach and shoes can boost speed. Amythest Bob Sura not the fastest but is a god.

That Jwill looks crazy.

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I find J Wills animations with dribbling and shot to be better. Darrell is a better slasher and maybe defense depending on who you guard

That’s fair. My Armstrong has a 3pt shoe so with 94 three he’ll pretty much be a sniper. J Will is free and doesn’t require any grinding so you can’t go wrong with either


J Will also doesn’t get quick draw whereas Armstrong gets gold quick draw. +7 speed is big as well cause speed is important in every facet of the game. For me it’s an easy choice

im just saying let the kid enjoy his white chocolate :joy::joy:


I need that guy man, he was a baller

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