We Getting Moments?

Ok so I know we got vanvleet yesterday (who is CHEESY btw) however today is normally moments day and we may get some from this week’s performances. Thoughts?

If we do, Jokic definitely deserves a card.


Bring back Moments of the Week. So simple and effective.


Bazley should get a Amethyst, just because.


Great for budget cards

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I think it’ll be Jokic, Malik Monk, and De’Aaron Fox.

The only other people who had big games were Westbrook, who is the limited reward, Kyrie, who we just got, and Curry, who they keep not recognizing for big games, probably because Opal Curry is coming soon.

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If there’s moments there’s no way 2k’s doing siakam but he had 30 and 10 this week

They could drop Siakam and then give him and FVV a duo.


Is it 15 days left in the season at 11?


Ok good I need time to grind for Kawhi almost halfway to 35

I called it Tuesday and will say it again: monk will get an amethyst rewards card from a locker code todsy


1 more Sabonis card, because why not :rofl:

R these moments cards ever good? I never use them. The only moments cards I’ve used in any 2k was kyries diamond last year I loved that card 4 some reason. I used that kyrie wayyyyy longer than I should’ve lol

This year we have pd sexton and opal vanvleet with hof range and vanvleet has hof clamps

Yeah I’d like to try them out but my MT l won’t be doing no trying out playing until I have 2 start the xp grind.

Same I don’t have an sf because of the Xp grind

A locker code diamond siakam would be fire


Amy Keldon Johnson. I’m a simple man

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