We Getting Anything?

Buzzer Beaters today or no??? Sorry if this is like the 8th thread about it :sweat_smile:

I hope we get something

Me too

If we get anything it’s probably buzzer beaters.

just hit by an update…


Token market update coming.?


:joy: Definitely this

Probably buzzer beaters today something else tokorrow

dont think so. we just had one. Maybe in a week or two for the last one.

Maybe some of the players club codes

Most likely the trash players club cards.

Im feeling some new Evos, even though we got some recently

Last buzzer beaters should be today


James harden Evo wouldn’t go a miss…

They should just drop an auctionable Harden in packs for Buzzer beaters and call it a day

We’re getting new token rewards, token packs, evos, duos, and 15, 25, 50, 75, 100 token bundles that you can purchase with MT and VC.


We’ll probably see something along the lines of ‘final Buzzer beater packs’ with buzzer beater super packs. I reckon it will be a pretty fire drop with some older cards with updated opals.

6’8 PG or bust


If we get an Opal Westbrook today this’ll be my last post till tomorrow.

GO John Stockton…have fun. Lol

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