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Check this out if you can and let me know that I can maybe do different next time?


I’ll check this out more when I’m back home but from the few mins I saw, he just made some tough layups and you got Shaq’d, hes damn near impossible to stop

I watched with attention only the first quarter, but i’ll watch the rest later. However imo you should switch arenas matchup: he had a tough time guarding penny and this led to some easy dunks or layups

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Things get smoother towards the end Preciate it bro

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The only 2 problems that I saw was that his Penny was getting by Arenas and him beating you over the top of the press a few times. You just have to stop his intial drive and after that he’s finished. Most of this happened in the first quarter though. That 3 that he hit to end the half was on some bullshit too.

Lol yea shit def changed in that 3rd quarter like usual I adjust

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I know Gil is great but height matters too much in 2K. Thats why I suggested using Penny, its a great advantage to have especially against team themed lineups that don’t have the luxury of having a 6’7" PG. Im not sure if theres a diamond or amythest Penny, even that would be enough.

Lol watch the rest of the game bro, he got shut down in the end. MCW Amy and Fultz are both better than him as erll

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I forgot u had MCW too lol. Hes big also, I def need to watch the rest. I didnt see Gil getting abused in the 1st, mostly just Shaq doing his thing and a few other layups that sneaked by through good defense

I drop 20 with penny in my kok game. Definitely would use Penny and badge him out

I like watching your games for pointers and to see if I would do anything differently. I swear I’m not as bad as that sweaty HOF tourney we did last yr lol. I was experimenting with plays so I didnt seem like a PnR spammer lol. I also noticed that 35k wager game, your opponent had Eaton wide open under the rim a few times and decided to pull out and reset instead.

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No doubt penny is nice I just have a lot of other options at Pg on the magic , MCW, Fultz and Gil are legit beast

Howard had 30 points

Gil had 18
Fultz had 18
MCW had 16

damn got cooked by Fultz

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I was watching the stream. You inbound lobbed it to Michael Carter Williams and I laughed out loud. That was worse than any flash pause. Straight disrespectful! Lmao

Lol ppl sleep on inbound lob lmao


But choosing MCW… Hahahaha. You know that was a spicy little cherry on top because you had it won. I thought it was hilarious. You played really well once you got going, bro.

Lol I lob everyone since this mode allows it Preciate it homie

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Watched the first half

Knew he was in trouble when Gordan was matched up vs Dwight lol

I wasn’t that worried about the Arenas v Penny matchup. He wasn’t posting you, just had few good drives. Probably would have happened even if someone else was guarding him. And your Arenas successfully post spun him (I think you passed it after the animation) and registered an open fade on him. Gil can definitely guard him. And then you got cooking from 3 at the end of the 1st. I wouldn’t take Gil out. He’s still such a weapon.

Next point is maybe shoot more 3s with him. Really capitalize on that.

He hit on some long passes at the start of the second—maybe could have adjusted there a little more quickly

Finally, his Amy Gil had 15 or so in the first half. MCW isn’t a bad defender, but with his size, you could even move Isaac onto Gil and have MCW check the SF if opponent isn’t playing through them. Basically just recognize a little more quickly and disrupt him sooner.

Oh and nobody is gonna have an answer for Fultz on the second unit. He’s so juiced. No way Penny is getting minutes over him in any scenario.

Watch the 3rd quarter in particular that’s when shit starting getting juicy

I ran the hof d stopper lineup


Dwight,Fultz,Gil,MCW all player of the game