We are due for a Promo

January 4: Triple Double
February 5: Chinese New Year
March 8: Madness
April 5: ???

Could we get one tomorrow?


Glad I sold my tmac this morning

Just trolling , we will absolutely get promo!

we need all star packs

The Madness set had some of the best cards in the game. I think the trend continues.

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Really hope for some fire content. I hate it when they don’t release anything for such a long time, but always rush to release so many cards during the playoffs…

Why not release them now???

A promo with a GO reward is due. It’s April

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I’m sensing a big man promo

I don’t think they’ve done any position-specific promos this year and that’s a good thing I think…

April 5: Elemental Monsters

Will the promo be today or tomorrow most likely?

I wish they still put the promo info on Facebook the night before release. That was the ultimate hype builder



The questionable life choice packs

Reward: GO Jabari bird
Pd kristaps
Pd Gilbert
D Kobe
D Jordan
Ruby Lamar odom
Ruby Chris herren


This is true. They have the license for soooo many players. Drop the content.

If I don’t get a PD Embiid soon I won’t be liable for my actions.

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Two more diamond embiids before his finals MVP 98 with a 60 shot contest rating to troll us

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Tmac/Drob/Malone/Dirk are in for something, so the chances for a big are HUGE.


TMac, DRob, Peja and Jerry West tommo.

LOYALTY promo series

These players spent their entire career with 1 team.

Amy Udonis Haslem

Amy Dolph Schayes

Amy Kobe Bryant (should be higher, but already has D/PD)

Diamond Nick Collison

Diamond Tim Duncan

Diamond John Stockton

PD Reggie Miller

PD Manu Ginobili

PD David Robinson

Set Reward: Galaxy Opal Dirk Nowitzki

I prolly missed some, but i’m walking into work lol