Ways to do 12-0?

Does matchmaking work for 2K20 or not? Has anyone tried anything?

I’ve been wondering too… I’m so tired of having to win this many games and still not going 12-0. I got to 4-0 yesterday and got D/C glitched.


My son and his friends tried it yesterday. All live in the same area and got matched up one time outta 5. They were trying at 8PM EST. They got matched up the very first time, the next 4 they did not. They were using the same team, coach and playbook. I will also not they got matched up really quick the first time, the next 4 matches took about 15-20 seconds. So it appears 2K attempts to not match you up to the same team.

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It still works I’m sure. Probably easiest to do it at odd hours if you’re able too. Do all bronze or silver teams and try to do it in the middle of the night when nobody is on. I played the same guy 5 times in a row the other night at like 3am

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I confirm it works :smirk:


It didn’t work last night at 6pm PST. 0-3 matchups (one wasn’t even a bronze team) and I gave up.

I didn’t do it last year so not sure if I did it right.

Same bronze teams, same coach, same minutes, match at same time.

How about xbox

Idk about xbox I did it with a friend thought.

Full bronze lineup we didnt have the same coach and same players…

We are from EU but did it Monday around 22:00 pm

6PM is big time hours prolly when most people are on. Try it first thing in the morning or after midnight

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yeah peak number of players and first day of the cycle so even more MTU players.

I’ll try to get it legitimately a few more times before trying again.

of course it does lol why do you think ppl are doin 12-0 for $20 lmao


Anybody wanna link up and test it out?

Probably have to be someone on the same server

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Can it be from the same IP, or do you need to hotspot a phone or something?

anyone know how this works? I have 2 ps4s with 2k in the same house, I can try it out and let y’all know!!

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Anyone know ??

Thought you were going to try it out?

No i was asking, can someone tell me what to do so I can try it and check if it works

It’s slow as hell to match anyone.

LOOL that was me fam, I faced you bro… :joy:

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