Way to combat EQ

Got sick and tired of it, thought what shall i do, and came to simple solution, YOU NEED TO CUT IT!

I started using cutter/hand off plays, 3’s now are scarce in my gameplay due EQ.

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Eq mutilates 3pt attempts, you need hard momentum swings in your favor

Bless us with top 3 plays

I get it makes sense. You need to go straight to the hole nice one

I completely abandoned pretty much any fast break, 3’s unless completely wide open, cutter cutter is my butter. I am still getting destroyed by lesser cards on rebounds and people splashing in my face. But at least now i can play.

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Yep. You need dunks and layups when eq kicks in because you aren’t making anything outside the paint

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Any play recommendations?

In this case best to build a slashing line up. So let’s get some ideas on athletic finishing slashers. Go

None other than slashing Jesus himself, Geoff Petrie.

Not necessary, all you need is few good plays.

I’m not spending this year so rubies are my top cards lol

Pippen got cutter plays, i kill it with him.

I want him so bad since everyone says he’s like Wade

I freaking love Wade last year

I like oladipo and shumpert for getting to the basket as budget players

Pippen and Maurice Lucas for cutter plays, Durant for hand off, btw Giannis also got hand off and his nuts with his speed and length.

I’m also team no money spent so far and I just got my third Amy last night just from grinding dom

People always look at cards stats, but what plays they got for me is just as important.


Kobe with diamond shoe!

All eq squads should use Casey instead of Kerr and all godsquads have to use Kerr and cutter plays.

Diamond Eddie Jones had basic 3pt plays… But damn… Used right they were effective!