Watching people "quit" 2k

Over the last week through twitter been peeping people saying how they’re done with the game, tjerry said how he’s done, watched b street bully delete the game last night, obviously these guys will be back but it’s comical to me how bad the online play is and the posts I see about people being done


B Street will definitely be back. Dude spends thousands of dollars on the game within the first month of release, aint no way he’s letting all that money go down the drain


I know it’s just comical to me watching these people that 2k is basically their life and they have that kinda level of frustration towards it… which I can agree I’m highly upset with how the game feels online… but with how it feels it let me easily make the choice to not throw money at it

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Seems like people used to cheesing can’t hang. They’ll be back. I’ve seen like 30 threads of people quitting 2k on here just since I joined.


What exactly is so bad about the online play? The only thing I see that is bad is lay ups at times no matter how contested or poorly released. But thats really all i see. Seems to be pretty good besides that.


I wouldnt say that necessarily. They definitely need to balance somethings. It seems like defense can be absolutely impossible to play at times. The hop step is definitely OP right now


Having a guy with clamps not contest a shot properly when in position getting blown by, then I switch to my big to come help and he’s stuck in the mud… first year I can ever say I’m enjoying offline more than online, I mean I’ll adjust once that’s all I play but it shocks me there hasn’t been a patch addressing some of these things


I agree it’s need to be fine tuned but a lot of cheese is gone. Can’t steal spam, cant spam dribbles, cant badge everyone out, cant spam full court passes. It seems like the devs made an effort to take out a lot of the “2k” type play.


I’m a hardcore addict, only thing that keeps me around this season is the forum.

MTU is so bad it’s crazy, turboing into a Forrest of 7 fters in 2-3 zone every game. I know some people like the slower pace, just not my preference.

Please give us option to change court in TT I can’t stare at that Galaxy theme anymore.

Reward cards are nerfed garbage like every season.


Problem is a lot of the “cheese” were essential elements to how the game played last few seasons. It’s not shocking that people are pissed off when they have spent tons of time to master a specific style over multiple years.

At this point 2K is like COD you can’t just change most of the mechanics (especially to a slower pace) and expect the majority of people to be happy.

They could have kept the feel of the game last season but made contests better, removed Base 11, toned down offball effectiveness, increased stamina penalties and made most people happy.

Then they are beta testing all these new badges on top of everything else.

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Yeah I agree with a lot of this. Granted I like the change because everyone has to learn how to play again but you’re right they didn’t only change mechanics they locked simple basketball shit behind badges. On top of having so many.

When I heard all the new badges first thing I said was this is a next gen beta test. And what they did to the rewards for an open shot just make games ugly. Just a clank fest. I shouldn’t have to turn off the meter to shoot better.

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JCrawford, Ibaka, and Wilkins are great rewards cards imo. I think theyve done a good job with giving us the opportunity to get pretty good free cards


Those cards look great Richardson and Kemp look like poop.

Only because of their badging. If they would just update them (they wont) it would fix everything but yeah

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That being said a lot of really nice cards in the PD board.

Cant wait to get Zeke, Mark Price, Baylor, etc

I really dislike how the post game feels online, with the slower gameplay I was excited to be able to slow it down and dump it into the post. But this year guards can force my bigs to pick up the ball when trying to post up. Dropsteps into open layups seem to miss way more than they should. Post fadeaway is ruined due to the slow jumpshot animations and it bing practically locked behind the deep fades badge. Even the double teams when they are sent it seems the passing stats instantly drop to the minimum rating. All the moves just feel slow and ineffective it feels almost pointless trying. Especially when my opponent can just turbo into the paint and draw a foul after I time the block perfectly but I still get penalized…


You’re right not the worst, wasn’t expecting much.

Evo cards are a good way for people to grind MT stacks for later in the season so at least we got something.

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Yeah thats what im saying.

For those committed to the grind it is not hard to make MT or get some very good reward cards. I mean by the time November rolls around i might be around 2mil with the ability to buy anyone i want moving forward + multiple opals and PDs without having spent more than $10 on packs. Totally impossible unless glitching in previous years

Yeah the post game took a massive 180 degree turn this year unfortunately. Last year was by far the best

the only good post move this year is hook and hop fade


This is bad, last year even if I was fighting Base 11 cheese I could put up 40 in the post with Melo. That was 80 percent of my MTU enjoyment.