Watch them drop GO Token Market David Thompson, you heard it first

He has no cards, he’s retired, unpopular, the nuggets highest rated player of all time on 2k roster. And there is no SG in the market yet. Its lowkey obvious.





Some serious clickbait

I wouldn’t hate a GO Skywalker, but I think he’s better suited to be a diamond/ PD player.

Such a click bait thread. U should get silenced for this lol

Disgustingly possible.

Knew shouldnt of clickclick_bait

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No…but you might on to something…Alex English GO

Alex English with base 11 is my bet

He’s not worthy of a 99 which means he’ll get one. Only Wilt, Shaq, and Giannis truly deserve a Galaxy Opal in this game

Reward SG’s have been virtually nonexistent, Manu, Peja is about it

That’d actually be pretty dope. Sky walking in traffic baptizing fools at the rim