Watch out for Clippers doing Lakers dirty

And trading for AD. Multiple Clippers 1sts, 76ers 1st, Heat 1st. Harrell, Shamet, Robinson, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander for AD. They could potentially offer more then 4 1sts along with some great youth.


Well I think you cannot trade 1st RD picks you just acquired. Plus they haven’t even called pelicans regarding AD. They just cleared cap space so they can try and sign Kawhi this summer

They could trade for AD and then sign Leonard. I mean, there might/will be more teams going for AD then just Lakers and Celtics. 76ers gave 2 1sts for Harris so saying AD aint worth 4 1sts and Lakers youth, i dunno, i think Lakers might cave in and do it, but we’ll see.

Nah,I don’t think they’re going for AD. Not before the deadline. In the summer…maybe.

If the Clippers will get AD and then Kawhi too, Clippers > Lakers


The Clips trade package and looming Kahwi acquisition is a real threat.

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If clippers get ad that would be…

But it also makes it easier for ad if he leaves in free agency

Genius move if they do. They were on his list of preferred destinations…

I would love to see the hate NOLA gets for turning down our offer and taking a worse Clippers offer. You guys realize the Clippers and 6ers picks are worse than the ones we can offer right? Anybody here think Gilgeous-Alexander and Harrell are better than Kuz, Ingram, and Ball? For real for real? I hope it happens so Demps spends the next 10 years kicking himself for not accepting our offer. All because of his (and most GMs) ego and hatred for the Lakers.

The players are not better, but they might offer up to 6 1st rounders.

Also they would give Shamet whos a nice player as well

Those sixers picks are really low value, almost second round. Hilarious if NOLA takes whatever firsts they can get with that stipulation.

And this year none of those picks would be higher than the Lakers pick, so… They don’t even want to try and build a team for the next 5 years? Or they think more players is better than good players? I’m really trying to understands NOLAs position here, but it just smells like sour grapes to me for them not accepting our offer already. Glad Magic walked away yesterday.

Theres only one 76ers 1st round pick, the other pick is Heat 2011 which might be lotto pick.

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They already traded Harris, Boban and most likely will trade Beverley and more of their good players, if anything this year’s Clippers pick will be better then Lakers, add that 2011 Heat pick might be lotto pick. Yah its a good deal.

Clippers will have a better record than the Lakers this year as much as I hate to say it. If Clips sign Kawhi then those picks aren’t gonna turn out as great as NOLA is hoping. Unlikely any of those picks end up in top 3. So NOLA has to ask themselves whether they want to chance on a bunch of late lottery, late 1st rd talent? Or go with proven players with star potential in Kuz, Ingram, Ball? I feel like it’s an easy decision, but everybody hates the Lakers so much they don’t even want us to have a glimmer of hope. Buncha jealous GMs.

Clippers are doutful to have better record then Lakers. They already traded their best player and might trade more for more picks/youth.

If they add more picks they might trade bunch of youth 7-8 1st rounders and more 2nds. Given Clippers and Heat picks could be lotto picks along with galore of other picks. Yah, its good deal, maybe Demps just not high on Lakers youth.

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I’ll be honest. I love Lebrons talent dude is phenomenal. but I hate his attitude. I hope AD goes somewhere else because of that.

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Nah. Just nah.

Isn’t there a 90 day rule on shamet?