Watch me battle one of the best cheesers on PS4

This guy is top 100 on PS4 and PD for the season. Can I beat his sorry ass or will the cheese :cheese: prevail? Added bonus: featuring Yao, PD Jordan and 98 Kobe

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He’d probably say he was equalised with those missed shots lol

You can’t make them all, can you? :slight_smile: And that annoying loser got his fair share of makes.

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I admire your patient offense man. Always the best possible shot

Thank you! That’s a huge compliment.

I watched you against one of the best cheesers on Ps4, me :rofl:
Yao seems fun btw but you lost me where he shooted contested with Oakley from the corner :expressionless:

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How is he top 100 chucking 40 shots with Oakley goddamn. He literally had so many opportunities to win this one but threw it away due to impatience

Bit like the rockets game today lol

Beats me, but he’s ranked top 100 on PS4. I guess few can resist Giannis at point so this time he had to improvise.

are you always using a 3 guard lineup or is Magic your PF?

That’s a new concept. MJ and Kobe are my favourite players so I want to give them the most playing time possible. Magic is the PG and it’s been working well so far.

just have watched the first 3mins, nut sure who is exactly cheeser: both players are mostly using the same bug of 2k18: blowby animations :slight_smile:

Sasha_Savinov, is that you? Let me help you- cheeser in white jerseys- calling 5 out every time and dancing with the ball until he finds a way to the rim. The good guy in purple jerseys- the last samurai of MyTeam.

ok, got it man :slight_smile:


Oh that camera angle! Don’t know how you do it but it’s nice to watch at least. I tried the drive camera angle recently and it was ok but had to go back to 2k. Broadcast is like playing a whole different game.

I saw a lot of talentless Pick and Roll’s and constant “entering” and “exiting” the post with Durant. Doesn’t seem too hard to win games like that.

In your defense, you did run a few plays, but you cheesed as well. Not a sharp cheese, but a mild cheese like Gouda.

I hate when people post these videos, seeking not only attention, but validation as well.


Lol someone who cheese complaining about another player cheesing… the irony, ya need to get it in your head, there’s no sim players in supermax And if there is somehow I guarantee they record horrible. We all play for the reward and it’s a every man for themself type of gameplay out there.

I only stated one fact- I played against a top 100 cheeser on PS4. My definition of a cheeser is someone who runs the same thing over and over again to exploit the flawed game mechanic. I clearly don’t do that. The rest is your take on what happened in that game.

Where and when exactly did I complain? I bet you play exactly like him.

let’s match up and find out how I play, I get off work at 12:30 western time, I could use the free points