Was this weekend a W or an L?

I thought content was a W, but not the way the put it in the game. I think reward cards were decent that came out this weekend. What did you guys think of this weekend in 2k?

Classic 2K. They had great content to share — and then completely fucked up the logistics.

Triple dipping in the same packs?

Making rewards players practically needles in a haystack?

Rolling out bonus XP at 2 in the goddamn morning?

Everyone who planned this rollout should be fired.


Huge L it’s 2k21


i played at least 40 games of limited and got Birdsong , should only be 10 max


Biggest L since I started playing


bonus XP for Daylight savings? If so, worked to us Aussies favor:)


Honestly, I can live with the XP thing. Lots of people outside the US play 2K. But why not make it a rolling window like the daily events? Those are 2 hours long every 4 hours or so. That’s an easy solution IMO.


yeah, completely agree with you mate. Pretty low and 2K’s relations could have advertised it a lot more than they did, if at all? I think all the big youtubers were quite surprised as well to see this event. Was a nice little win in XP for those of us who did manage to see it. Was a Sunday afternoon for us here in Australia and a lot of us Aussies would have been online which worked out well. Managed to get all mine done minus the Limited win. Between Twitter and FB and whatever else, a lot of players have alerts set up and would have known about it if they had actually advertised properly.

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For me personally a huge W. Got all rewards cards except muresan, pulled love from ascension and had a few other good pulls from free tto packs

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This weekend caused a lot of frustration and disincentive to a lot of hardcore players…can only be viewed as a BIG FAT L


or make it x number of wins and you get the reward guaranteed. not play 40+ and not even a sight of the card


The biggest L ive ever seen… thats why 2k is just a trash game… money grab central

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if 2k managed to rake big dollars (which is the most probable thing), they will surely promote him

If they just put the limited players in the packs at the same time, it would have been a massive W and packs would have been hyped. But they got Money hungry.

!!!The daylight savings XP challenges!!! was a small W to save face.

Even doing ONE of these better would have gone a long way towards redemption

I cannot remember a time where I felt worse about the state of the game and had less goodwill towards the company. Not sure I can say the same about the community but there is a lot of apathy after everyone got hyped up and let down - and there’s def an argument to be made that that is worse than anger


It’s a big L, and now I’m leaving the game for a time. I’m tired of 2k and his money hunger, specially at this high level.


Friday bought 450k vc ripped 3 box packs for David west and 2 jimmy’s.

When lebron popped in packS I sold my inventory had about 1.2 mill in mt, pulled 100+ packs got kawhi , 2 David west , and 4 amy’s so big L for me

Finally realized this was leading to a bad habit and quit myteam. This shit is literally a casino


Every second we spend in this game is a L.


i contemplated wasting all my mt on packs just so i don’t have a reason to come back to the game mode ever since they announced harden but idk i kinda worked for that shit so i’ll just not touch the game til next gen and see what happens then

Don’t do that, you will miraculously pull a good card within your last two packs of cards with your remaining mt which will be worth about 50% of your starting mt stack. Algo to keep you playing

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