Was the Suns Challenge hard for anyone else?

I had to deliberately force OT just to get enough points from Jordan and I only ended up winning by a point. Was the challenge that hard for others?

Yes, it was toughest of the challenges. All-time Suns team had a lot of great players on there. Nash couldn’t miss when I played the challenge. Think he dropped 24 points by himself. Amare was also a beast.

Uhm, embarrassingly, yes. Freaking Stoudemire and Nash were unstoppable!

Won by 15 but was close the first half. Apparently Tom Chambers field goal percentage goes up when heavily contested by Hakeem.

I saw people saying this but I think I won by 30 and MJ had 58. This was using the diamond MJ with a diamond 3 point shoe though.

I only won by 9 and I was done early in the first quarter. It wasn’t hard but it was definitely a little more challenging than usual

i was about to post the same thing man i lost 5 times get beat by 20 i cant stop them they hit every open shot every damn 3 this is the hardest challenge i ever had , any defense settings tips ? i think i just plain suck at this game got me down

If you’re getting beat by 20 five times in a row you might just be really bad at the game. Just get a good dunker and call for a pick and fade. Run around the pick and if the basket is open dunk it. If the fade man is open pass it to him for an open shot. If both are guarded kick it to the corner for a 3. You can do that and win the game. And play adequate on ball defense.

It was hard for me, I was using Ruby Jordan, who felt like he had 20 stamina. Nash and Amare pissed me off.

got diamond jordan its not him i can get the points but in the 3rd and 4th my team tired all them bulls in there they pull away and kill me in the forth im at a lose on this one

dont know the right defense of setting brother i had 6 guys give me 6 different ones cant figure out what works for me , it makes me mad as hell why make a game so damn hard ,i dont have all this issues in madden

how do you call for a pick and fade i know like one 5 out play someone showed me where i hit the lb then pick my player and then pick the play in the play book , is this in a play book or is it a play you pick on the d pad ?

You can either hold L1 or the equivalent of whatever system you’re on then press R2. You can also bring up the player icons and hold that icon to call for a specific player to run the pick

thx i think i know how to do that or seen it before thank you .

what defense setting would u guys choose on a tuff team like this ? do you guys hit pause and adjust the game plan settings or just use the joy pad and pick no threes or crash the boards ect? on them settings ?

Set your individual assignments. Default to moderate pressure on and off ball, play tight off ball on the shooters. Playing the screens you want to go over for shooters/ball handlers and under for opposite. 3/4 top all for the post.

ok i do understand the pressure settings on the on and off ball and know how to work them ,the rest i never messed with , i will look into the screens setting
a guy told me to set them to both never switch ,which seems to help with the 3point game but then i get killed in the paint ,i can kinda shut down a 3 point players game but no idea how to stop guys who bring it in at me i either foul them or they score on me

Run as many of your good defensive players as possible even though you have a bulls player requirement

You call a pick and fade by holding L1 and then tapping R1 when the pick man is running up to set the pick.

I did it with second try. First try I started out just too chill because other challenges were too simple. So I quit after 1st qtr and did it again. Blew the mf’s out hard.