Was a good run guys, but I'm done with this game

Done as in I deleted it and I’m never coming back.
And I’m a man of my word.

Over the last month or so I barely played. Just bought a couple of interesting cards here and there and played maybe 10 games.
Since I’m a Spurs fan, I got my motivation back when I saw that Iceman reward.
Anyhow, won 10 games straight, easily. Like +20 difference in each and every one of them.
Most people obviously had opals since it’s so late and my team never felt better.
I destroyed everyone. Easy offense, easy passes, just a joy to play. Lockdown defense.
I shot like 70%+ in every game. Too easy.

Have in mind that out of last maybe 100 games, I lost 3.

Then 11th game comes.
My opponent was a good player skill wise, but nothing special.
Had diamond Randle and Kuzma on PF. Also important.
I have Giannis and Mailman.
Giannis usually destroys everyone on glass because of his wingspan and ability to leap for rebounds. Especially on offensive glass.
This is the fucking box score.

I missed a dunk, like 5 open layups and close shots, got my safe 2hand dunks on fastbreak blocked 3 times.
4th block of his was diamond Lillard blocking two handed putback from Wilt.
Not to mention like 5 times when my players just stopped in front of the paint to take that idiotic animation pullup jumpshot instead of going to the basket.

Yes, I lost the game because I raged for the first time in months, but I just can’t fucking play a game where my opponent runs a midget squad with Ayton being only good big and outrebounds me by 14.
Diamond Gasol and amy KAT were other Cs.
I had 3 turnovers on passes after inbound. From my paint to halfcourt for SG. Wide open, noone pressuring. With 95+ passing point guards.
Was losing by 11 at the start of the 4th and missed a wide open gamewinner.
But that’s besides the point, missed shots happen.

Like shit happens, but this is just unbearable and unwatchable. I couldn’t get a single steal on Wilt who always hedges perfectly and shuts down PNR passes. This game everything just went through him.
Diamond Lillard and PD Fox hitting like 5 contested 3s.
Points in paint is an embarrassment. I always completely shut it down,but there was no chance this game.
My whole team defense felt awful. I use help+no rotation and my bigs would just bump into my guards on help, allowing easy points.
Even when they contested, GO Giannis got cooked in the post by diamond Randle.
Matchups switching when not needed, when my opponent shot my players neither boxed out or went for the rebound.
It’s just sad.

I could probably start a new run and get 11-0 in like 3 hours, but I don’t want to. I’m done.
Between all the bullshit they pull, I’m done with these scumbags.
It’s just not fun to play anymore, at least not for me.
Hopefully they use all the money they make on this game for medical expenses.

And it’s not opponent skill. There’s no skill that would make diamond cards make heavily contested layups over best bigs in the game.
And it always happens with diamond and amy cards. It’s happened for months.
I didn’t delete the game because I lost, but because I have to fight against the bullshit they implement on top of playing against my opponent.
As I said, I lost because I raged, but how am I supposed to feel after I get GO Giannis only for him to get outrebounded by diamond Kuzma and blocked by Fox.

Anyhow, despite the differences I’ve had with some people here, it was a good run.
I’ll still be posting about the actual NBA, but as far as 2k is related, I’m done even thinking about this shit.


I Play to win , but I don’t always win, so I live with the results regardless. If you are not having fun then step back and stop for days, weeks, months, years. 2k will always be around

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Post all your cards for 500mt


Maybe he was just better? Lucky? Not all great players can afford 10 Opals.

If you lost only 3 out if your last 100 you can live with an L. Maybe downgrade your team some. Move to console way more competition there.

I would, but I only got 3 auctionable cards that are worth anything.
MJ, PG13 and Admiral.

I can live with an L, as I said it’s like 3h worth of playtime.
But what I can’t live with is my team suddenly standing out of position on every defensive possession as soon as I play someone who has no opals on the squad.
The same team that’s absolute lockdown against much better players.

There will never be true competition in this game as long as the best way to win is playing 2 SFs+ 3bigs and exploiting the game’s mechanics.

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It’s fun when you realize none of the POTM cards are on anyone’s Godsquad.

The player isnt worth the sweat.

This is why it’s infinitely easier to go 11-1 or 10-2 than 12-0. Especially once you win 9 or so games in a row… 12-0 is usually sweaty cheesy nonsense.

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I’ve actually never had issues going 12-0 as in getting f-ed over by equalizer.
The only reason why I haven’t sold my team like a month ago is that I was waiting for GO Timmy.
But that’s done now.

Shame because this mode has so much potential.
But as long as we’re such a spineless community as in accepting all the shit they serve us, things won’t improve.

If we managed to boycott buying VC for just one week and like 80% of the community stopped buying it, they would start listening.


Maybe the equalizer was with you the first 10 games …

Nah … just kidding !
Thats obvious …
For the record, there is no such thing called « skills » that can give the opponent the ability to take 16 off rebs with lower tier cards.


Most of the community are casuals. It helps 2K get away with whatever they want. At least they fix the cards for us sometimes when we complain on here and the release switching for higher tiered cards eerily tracks precisely onto cards we’ve complained about wrt releases a lot on here.

That said, we’re caught in a Tyranny of the Majority. The majority being mindless casuals. Kinda like how we have a corrupt, treasonous reality TV star for a President.


If you are gonna sell your cards for a low price to us forum members let me know! I only own 100K and having a shot at getting yours is the only way I could afford one opal haha :joy:

I mean dumb offensive rebounds happen in the real game, too.
But the way this happens in 2k is just ridiculous.
It’s not those long rebounds after 3pt attemps, but your players not being able to box out and getting pushed off by cards that have like 15 less strength.

That’s even more noticable in TTO.
A couple of days ago I couldn’t stop laughing when gold Mirotic dropstepped my GO PG13 like 4 times in a row.
I could’ve obviously blocked the shot if I jumped instead of just putting my arms straight up, but it’s ridiculous.
How can a card with 20 less strength and no badges dropstep a card with 95+ defensive stats and hof badges?

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The reality is you got EQ’d aka Player Engaged. This is why after 2 years of running God Squads I’m scaling back next year. If I run a God Squad it’ll be late in the cycle when they’re cheaper (aka now). Buy a bunch of MT and call it a day.

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The worst thing is that those idiots def forgot there are other modes.
I played a lot of recearlier in the year.
My 6’8 SF has like 78 post stats and silver-drop stepper with mid 70s strength.
I was able to easily bully anyone with lower strength. No chance against stronger opponents.
That’s just a proof how the game actually works and that lower tier cards shouldn’t be able to do that against opals.


They put a finger on the scales for lower tiered cards. There are patents. It’s just a fact.

lmao these threads always kill me

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Being on a budget isn’t bad this year, there are some cheap diamond cards that can play at the same level of the top Opal and pink diamond cards… Millsap, Giannis, KP, and so on.

My amethyst KP is shooting 69% from 3 on 3 attempts per game, in a 75 game span. That’s pretty darn good and stats I wouldn’t expect even an Opal to put up.

Another thing.

Cards tier dont matter anymore. Atleast this year.

2k juiced all the cards PD and below and trick people into buying expensive Opals when the differences are maybe some HOF badges that dont even activate every game.


Yeah, tiers don’t.
Stats do.

80s for shooting is fine.
But noone can convince me that Kuzma with 70 rebounding or Randle with 80 vertical (both 6’9) should be able to get like 8 offensive rebounds total against a lineup of hof rebounder cards.


You win 97% of your games and can’t take 1 L?