Was 2k17 the best game in terms of MyTeam?

Am I being nostalgic or was it the last great game before they started catering for teenagers? The cards were pretty realistic as far as I remember and I can’t recall any prevailing meta/cheese. I don’t even remember offballing being a thing that year… What the hell went wrong? :slight_smile:


I would say 2K17 was the best

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That chase after PD Duncan… And he had 3 HOF badges. Nowadays Eddy Curry gets 31 and he belongs in a hall of shame.

If they didn’t give bums juiced cards the game would literally be the same every year. I can’t wait for them to drop Kwame Brown

Not really. There’s this thing called game mechanics too :slight_smile:


2K16 is still my favorite, but 2K17 was the last somewhat sim year. Offball was definitely a thing though because you didn’t have centers shooting threes, but the post game was relevant.

2K20 is by far the best as far as NMS though. Token rewards aren’t nearly as good as 2K19, but the Spotlights made up for them.

IF 2K gave us 2K16 with 2K19 Token Rewards, 2K20 Spotlights, and Road To The Playoffs…I would be a happy gamer.


A little bit out of topic but regarding online regular games, the best 2 k was 09.

Was wrecking havoc online with Orlando, destroying people inside with Dwight and when comes the double team kicking out with the armada of shooters like Nelson, Reddick, Turkoglu,Lewis, Anderson,Q rich, Pietrus, Arenas…

And if it wasn’t enough, I was posterizing the sh*t out of opponents with Carter , Jason Richardson.

Man this roster was GOATED as far as I remember.
Best times in 2k for me.

I don’t really recall 2k16… I guess I was more focused on the career that year. I have reviewed a couple cards from that game and they look very realistic.

It definitely was and cards kept their value through the year. All-Star Magic and Shaq were super rare.


9, 10 and 11 were great. Especially 11 with the Jordan challenges.

When’s the last time 2k has really overhauled game mechanics? The cards are what keeps myteam fun and if they don’t randomly juice bad NBA players there would be little variation in lineups. We pay $60 every year for the updated myteam mode, not for tiny gameplay tweaks

The James Harden at 2K16 launch was arguably the best James Harden all year. Funny to think about

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I miss TBT cards so much. Diamond JR was a monster for so long. Lol

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It’s very close to 2k16 in terms of all around greatness. The only thing that separated 16 from 17 was that 2k16 didn’t have the limitless range HOF badge, or any HOF badge for that matter.

2k16 was as SIM as MyTeam will ever be.


2k16 > > 2k17 > 2k19 > 2k15 > 2k18 > 2k20

2k20 the best year for nms, but everything else is absolutely boring and trash
2k16 and 2k17 were the best years for PURE SKILL , but ill say 2k17 is when the mode started trending towards bums who have the better cards rather than skill…


2K16 was my favorite. Amethyst were on my end game lineup.

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This game is in serious need of a ground up reboot. Gameplay is definitely broken and we’re guarding OP cards with broken game mechanics that make them even more OP. It’s not fun either when everyone plays the same way thanks to streamers and YouTube.


Yeah I’m tired of buying it every year for incremental upgrades. It’s ridiculous. I completely agree

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I’d say they’re changing the gameplay every year. Remember that mechanic from last year where you could shoot over shorter players as if they weren’t even there? That’s pretty significant and it’s just one example. I’m expecting better gameplay every year not even weirder cards.