Warzone buddies

Don’t have to be good but don’t have a lot of friends down to play and I needa catch a dub.:joy::joy::joy: PSN:yanganator6969 literally most of the game is sticking together and randos always refuse

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im down to play sometime add me should just be smithboys1 for activision username
not that great myself tbh lmao

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I’m down. I don’t talk much unless I’m playing on weekend but I’m pretty good. Might get hit hard with sbmm when you with me tho.

eerie kitten is activision.

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im on rn for a lil bit longer if you wanna play games updating atm

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What’s your ign?

Eerie kitten

I tried that but it didn’t work. Mind adding me?

Just message me on psn when you’re ready

i dontt got it on psn i have it on pc brodie

I’m on rn, are you on?

Put #9364118 after

Ima beast as long as you stay by me and listen to me lol … i got 22 wins in that last season

Get on bro!

Lol im barely hoppin on add me explosivemoser1

Wanna run one?

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Add me bro im just hoppin on man

As long as none of my boys on im down

Did you add me?


I did