Warriors vs Rockets small ball

Warriors vs Rockets small ball

The Warriors ran mostly small ball but they have Draymond who plays like he’s 6-10 and they always kept a traditional center just in case (McGee, Bogut etc.)

Heres the difference

Curry is better than Harden. Klay and Dray are better than the next rockets player. Kerr is a better coach and the warriors were a better defensive team than the rockets ever were (minus maybe when they had cp3 in 2017?) Warriors were not only the best Offensive team but they were the best defensive team too.(not sure of their exact ratings on off / def. I know they were always right there though and imo the ratings decline later in the kevin durant years is bc they didnt care about the reg szn)


They weren’t the best defense without KD, they were tied with Spurs when he got there.
And defense is directly tied to offense.
They didn’t turn the ball over and had great transition.

Their defense was great, but far from perfect.
All the firepower on offense enabled those small-ball lineups because they ran bigs off the floor.
Not a single all-star 2 way big on other contenders. LMA was the best big they had to face and he easily torched Draymond.

As for the Rockets, it’s simply not sustainable. The whole gameplan relies on two guys,being efficent from isolations. And when you have to iso 20+ times per game, it wears you down. Just look at Harden’s percentages.

I think also people say Warriors were a 3 ball team only cos of their number of shots they made from the 3pt line, but I think they also made a ton of inside shots/layups… Just their 3pt percentage is crazy

They had the top defense in 2014-2015 and the top defense in 2016-2017 (73 wins year).I dont believe were the best with him (Unless im seeing this wrong because NBA.com is confusing as hell with their dates) They mightve been the best that first year KD got there

Not even talking ratings but they were a GREAT defense. Their defense fueled their transition and offensive rating. Even when they were not best in the league w KD they always had the potential to play like one they were just almost never motivated which was frustrating to watch.

No defense is perfect but they had all the versatility you could ever want and master communicators in steph and dray.

Yeah, no denying that they were great, but no team had a big with the ability to exploit the smallball.
And Lebron absolutely destroyed their defense in every final because there was no rim protection. They just shut down everyone else (except Kyrie in 2016)

Put young Duncan instead of LMA on 2015-17 Spurs and small lineups wouldn’t be viable.
Or Hakeem on 2018 Rockets, even instead of Harden, but with healthy CP3.