Warriors vs Rockets small ball

Warriors vs Rockets small ball

Thoughts about how it’s set up and how it’s going for Rockets lately?

I feel Warriors were built together so just managed to play with each other whereas Rockets is all about personal stats and just won’t work

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The Rockets don’t have the talent the warriors had. Also kd and draymond are very versatile defenders who can guard almost every position and the rockets don’t have a single player that can do that. Warriors were a perfect team with kd, rockets aren’t close.
I do agree that it does seem about stats in Houston but maybe the players don’t see it that way maybe the lack of talent kind of makes them seem that way.


Warriors had a transcendent offense. The rockets?.. lol


Rockets are honestly such a mess. Morey and D’Antoni are trash, add up Harden and Westbrook, I don’t see this team lasting more than 365 days

I’m currently watching last nights game and am halfway through the second quarter but I’ve seen the final score thanks to another thread about a YouTube video being tagged.

From what I’ve seen since the trade the small ball is working better than I thought it would, although I think this could be attributed to the lack of lakers prep time and not knowing what really to expect.

Pheonix game westbrook was out and he seems to be thriving.

My overall opinion is that it won’t go deep in the playoffs but harden and Westbrook are going to average bug numbers and thrive on the stat sheet

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As said above, the Warriors had a ridiculously efficient offence and all the parts bought in.

Also can’t really call it small ball when your SF who slides to PF is near 7’ tall lol

We didn’t play well and are still missing a piece or 2 that we need. Also the whole organization is still reeling from Kobe, that’s not gonna go away for a while

no offense and I understand Kobe tragic death is sadness, but I think it’s a bit of an excuse. Most of the current lakers players did not play with him… ever

It’s not an excuse, I said we didn’t play well.

He is the most recognizable player in the organizations history and while the current roster may not have played with him 90% of the F/O where there when he played. The GM was GiGi’s godfather. His jerseys are hanging from the rafters, his finger prints are all over the team. That doesn’t just disappear because 2 weeks have gone by.

People that never met Kobe are still sad and upset, imagine the feeling in the organization he was synonymous with for his whole career.


of course but i feel dame is the best for an hommage to kobe rn

It’s got nothing to do with an homage. Dame and Portland have nothing to do with Kobe, where as Kobe is literally intertwined with the Lakers organization.

Sure the whole NBA were/are mourning Kobe but no team as much as the Lakers from top to bottom.

anyway this subject wasn’t abt lakers at all :sweat_smile:
just trying to get opinions abt what people think abt rockets vs warriors comparison

I replied to a cemment in this thread. I also commented about the subject too

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Yeah we’ve started playing the comp, we need to fix it real quick if we are gonna make a push for the chip.

They have all the pieces, team chemistry seems high, discipline and consistency is the final piece.

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It’s crazy… No offense to Ozzy as he replied to the subject, but anytime you make a topic, you got all the Lakers fanboys who just go on another subject and talk abt Lakers!

Yo, this is abt Rockets and Warriors, not abt Lakers.
If you wanna talk abt Lakers, just create your own topic

yeah you are right, sorry.

Fair comment as we did get a tad off track but in saying that the 1st real “test” of the small Rockets was against the Lakers so they where bound to be bought up.

Also a lot of people hate being called fanboys so it’s a sure fire way to end up in arguements. Personally idc but heaps of people do, just a heads up so shit doesn’t go dowm that path :slightly_smiling_face:

The Suns scored 81 on Houston in the first half. Blow it up.