Warriors vs Rockets Hot Take

If Warriors want to win this series they need to bench steph curry. Discuss

No offense but I wish there was a thumbs down button. Lol what you’re suggesting is straight up ridiculous!


Rockets are going at him every possession. Warriors could still win the series but I feel if they bench Curry they will have more success.

You do realize that he doesn’t actually have to score to be considered effective right?

Well I feel like he has to because hes not playing any defense.

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So they’re just gonna call some weak ass touch fouls for the Warriors?! Lame

He’s having a bad game. Hopefully he picks it up. I doubt he’s 80% though (healthy).

C’mon man he drew contact on the shot. Refs have not cared in these playoffs on that type of play whatsoever. It’s clear what the shooter is doing and yet they haven’t called it consistently in these playoffs.

I mean I said this before he just bricked a bunch of threes. Imo Warriors should bring him off the bench and try to find instances to sneak him into the game.

Curry is playing defense…just doesnt look like it against the best iso player in the whole nba

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This is freaking hilarious

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He is playing like trash but I think it’s because he isn’t 100%. The Warriors should be running sets to get Klay open — not Curry.

Its like blowby animation all day hes on skates out there every play. Curry is a great player idk if hes hurt or not but this series the rockets are forcing him to defend.

I’m sorry I know he can play well… but Eric Gordon’s form and flat follow through make my butthole pucker

My youngest rips on it everytime he sees it

Lmao :joy:

These refs are on some ticky tack bs lol.

How was that not a pushoff?

As a Warriors fan, I think Iggy should be starting right now, with Curry coming off the bench. Sounds crazy, but with Steph’s knee fucked to point he has no lateral quickness and no lift to his shot, the Warriors need more perimeter defense to cover Steph’s lack of scoring. Let him rest and recover more for the Finals.

iggy is starting

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Oh shit, I missed the first 10 minutes lol. Glad Steve and I are on the same wavelength.