Warriors vs Blazers 5/14

go blazers cuh (dubs in 5)

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Dubs in 6 .

NBA will start losing casual fans if the Warriors are in the finals again

People are so bored with them


Not their problem. People didn’t get bored of MJ.

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I will start watching the game in the 2nd half, I hope that it won’t end at that point

the finals would have much more viewers with the warriors rather than blazers

nba is a dynasty league — celtics/lakers 80s, bulls 90s, lakers/spurs 00s, warriors/lebron 10s

only thing really lacking in these playoffs is
lebron’s presence, but they’ve been great anyways



There have always been Dynasties. This is how it works.

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Damian Lillard will face more all-NBA 1st and 2nd team players in the West these playoffs than Lebron James faced in the East between 2011 and 2018.


Anyhow, Blazers deserved to win the series and I’m happy for Dame, but I’m sad because I really wanted to see how would Warriors deal with Jokic.
This one is an absolute must for them. KD is supposedly out for g2, too.
I can’t see Kanter being on the floor for more than 20mins, he’ll get cooked.

The Blazers have a shot. No KD. No Boogie.
It won’t be a walk in the park.

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Yeah really not much reason to watch anymore. I already know what the outcome will be.

At least with previous dynasties, I actually thought they had weaknesses or a chance to lose.

If Durant comes back, it’s a wrap. No question.

I never once thought MJ was going to lose after he won his first championship.

He wasn’t the favorite for some of those titles tho. Warriors have been favorites every year since 2015.

Durant following Clippers series was asked would he rather sweep everyone or play 4-2 and whatnot and dude is seriously trippin. He ain’t about that competition life, wants just to coast to championships, he be like: Nah, dawg, i rather sweep everyone, competition what?

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You just salty because ur dirty player James Harden got his ass whooped by the Warriors. LOL

As a Rockets fan i have no issues with Warriors, i have deepest respect for them and what they build and achieved. Its historic, but i just can’t bro. Durant and respect ain’t a thing in same sentence and for many people he killed tons of fun. On top of that Warriors are much more enjoyable without him to watch with more ball movement and whatnot.

Fair points. I can understand why a lot of people hate Durant. In fact, if he leaves the Warriors this summer, I might just join you. What a [language] move.

That said, I also agree that the Warriors are way more fun to watch without him. This much became obvious in Game 6. In fact, even though I’m saying the Blazers have a chance, I think we’re about to see the resurgence of the Splash Brothers.

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Dame exhausted, Nurkic out.

Gonna be some gaudy GS cards coming from that series

Hood also not in the hood. Injured, won’t play game 1.

Ow, Hood is out too?

Both Curry and Klay often enough play better without KD, because he freezes them out with his constant iso and then they’re cold.