Warriors vs. 76ers

Man the Warriors are going to be so trash when Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson leave this Summer. I mean who wants to keep winning like this? Making max money. Living in the Bay. New Arena in SF.

Nah, let’s leave because… I dunno. Life is too easy.


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Because as nice as it is, the Bay is not LA. :upside_down_face:

:microphone: had to come back & get this I dropped it.

Omg this 50 minute private jet flight is soooo inconvenient.


But what are the odds of not getting held up at the airport?

LAX is an overcrowded mess. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:crown: > :bridge_at_night:


He’s been screwed out of the rising stars game and is taking it out on mofos


I hope it lights a fire under his ass.

Curry’s having fun. I loved the jab at Reggie.

As usual. But KD is miserable and would rather take a pay cut and play for James Dolan next year or take a pay cut and play with LeBron and AD.

Cuz… :roll_eyes:

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Stop with the emojis lol

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@ me if Curry equals his first half total in H2.

I’m hitting hay, these west coast games are too late for me at times.

I just can’t with the level of logical inconsistency I’m seeing. Why the Hell would anyone leave a Dynasty in the prime of their career and take less money to do so. And, in so doing, either play for an incompetent owner or play with the dude they just beat?

I’m so lost. I just can’t. I think I need to embargo myself from discussing it any further. It’s quite possibly the dumbest set of pipe-dream argumentation I’ve ever seen.

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Because they’re insecure and need to validate their playing prowess by winning elsewhere.

That’s all I got lmao.

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They won’t win elsewhere lol. KD already proved that in OKC. Is he really that dumb?

He’s really that insecure.

He also wants to get paid. I think Klay will be gone unless he’s fine not getting a Max.

Max money means KD stays in GS. Pay Klay whatever he wants and tell Donkey to go co-star in Shrek 4. Who gives a shit lol

They can’t pay Klay whatever he wants if they intend to sign Durant for 35% of $109M next year (~$38M).

Curry + Durant =~= $80M next year. You have Draymond and other pieces under contract, so Klay would need to take a serious pay-hit based on his market value.

They can if they don’t pay Dray.