Warriors Offseason Thread

Cauley Stein to the Dubs

That’s it Dubs making it 6 in a row now hahahhaha

not a bad signing.

That being said tank the season!


That’s a solid signing actually


Good signing. Weird fit.

WTF. I’m assuming this is at his minimum, or barely over, by necessity.

I would not have imagined that WCS had to take minimum.


Steph - not clutch, bad defense
Klay- torn acl, catch and shoot
d Lo - locker room snitch, ball hog
Willie caulie Stein - Great Value Atlanta version of Dwight Howard…

Warriors team is looking great.

#JusticeForIggy #JusticeForKD #InjuriesMatter

Anyone who can play NBA-quality minutes for like $1.7M or less is a good fit for the Warriors, right now.


No one took my bait… Touché Dub fans👍 Good work

nothing wrong here, w cuh

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On da gang :billed_cap:

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Holy shit we got WCS? Myers for President!


Steph gonna show his natural bright ass on the league this year. Unanimous mvp type season incoming

I was shocked. But I’m guessing that his agent found that he could hardly get more for a termed contract. Let’s just say $3-4M/year for 3 years.

So he passes up, say, $1.5M for this year, but puts himself into a good position to play on a team that makes guys like him look really good, and on which he should find it as easy as could be to be a good locker room citizen.

Yeah, Dubs have Looney, but he leaves a lot of minutes on the table and Kerr likes to bring him off the bench anyway. So WCS could actually start for the Warriors a lot.

Sacrifice $1.5M and ball out for the year and make himself look like he went through a personality reform program. Then cash in next year, in what is a weak FA market.


That’s a HUGE move, he’s basically an athletic Bogut aka a taller Bell with defensive awareness :joy:

And now Glenn Robinson, too.

Hell Yeah WCS is Legit. Who needs Kevin Durant, Cousins and Looney? Myers :fire:

Golden state just signed Glenn Robinson as well to a 2 year deal.

He was actually by far the worst player on that Kings roster last season and caused all sorts of trouble. They couldn’t wait to get rid of him.
You really think they’d go for Dedmon if WCS played well?

But since he didn’t get any money, he’ll probably get his shit straight and stop making trouble.

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Hope you don’t mind, @Philanthropy, but just retitled so that this can just be a general NBA Talk thread for Warriors offseason stuff.

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If I recognize the name, it’s a win.


WCS isn’t very good but cheap deal so who cares