Warriors @ Clippers game 6 topic

Should be a good one.

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Kerr is a [language], lmao.
What kind of a coach allows his player to disrespect him like Draymond did with that music.
Can’t wait for them to implode.

On the other hand, this Clippers team is showing us what’s basketball all about.

Arent they sorta already ?

Not until they actually lose.

Funny… I was just about to say this but saw you commenting so held back to see what you were going to say lol. That whole situation in that clip was suuuuuuuper awkward. Kerr was just trying to answer some questions, etc., and then they’re like “Who’s in charge here” and Kerr: “obviously not me” or something like that. Terrible look

Yeah, I watched the video.
Imo, it’s too much of a players league right now.
No coaches except for Pop look like they have any authority.

Imagine if KD joined Clippers in offseason, man that shit would be crazy.

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They will blow a 3-1 Lead then KD will join the Clippers Haha :rofl:


99% chances of Warriors winning tonight

If they lose, they won’t be champs this year

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Clippers in 7

Never thought I’d actually root for the clippers

Clippers in 7 lets goooo. They gone be cold af next year though

lmao you guys are trippin the Dubs are not losing tonight. I guarantee it.

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Is it a Chuck “guarantee” or a regular one? :rofl:

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Sadly, the :snake: is just too good. Can already see he drops 45 tonight and hitting everything from downtown

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I think Warriors blow Clippers the fuck out.


I’d be willing bet it. This is the Dubs were talking about. Im not just saying that because im a fan. This team is good man real good. Its been a trying year but the talent and experience is there. I get a lot if people want them to lose but lets not lose focus on how good the have potential to be. If they come out and play to the level they can no one is beating us. And its still the clippers.

Dubs were already thinking about game against Rockets, their defense sucked, while Clippers played like they dont care and their role players like Beverley overperformed, the talent disparity gonna come into play, couple that, that Clippers play tons of rookies and this game gonna be also a pressure game for Clippers as well, so yah.

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Surely the clips have one more in them!! I want to see sweet lou in his bag again today

Warriors’ bench is really a problem. Iggy and Livingston fell of the cliff hard.