Warriors Blazer game 1 curry vs curry


Blazers taking game 1


Cool to see this vintage squad for warriors feel like it’s 2015


Hood :muscle:


Yeah, and it doesn’t feel all that competitive yet. Looking like vintage Warriors.

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Couple of nervous shots by Portland role players, overall can’t be upset with the quarter. Feels like we’ve been playing with house money since Nurk went down, everything these guys do just keeps impressing me. Take it to the best in the world and see what happens! Nothing to lose in my eyes.

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The bench needs some playoff experience. I’m glad Kerr is giving them some minutes.


If dame isn’t on his dame time vibes, y’all are getting swept


Still early. So impressed with warriors so far their system really is amazing. 3 years playing with kd and they’re able to flip the switch and play like they used too instantly onces he’s out.

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Rockets were completely dumbfounded by some sets Warriors ran in g6.
All the way back from 2015.

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Damn aminu has an ugly jumper


This is going to be one of the least interesting WCFs in a while.
Warriors look like they’re not even breaking a sweat.


Curry sucks…


Will I finally get my Opal Steph? C’MON LET’S GO!


He’s already capped out.
Nothing could make that card better.
Not with that tiny model and he’ll never get 80 strength.


Still can’t believe CJ an opal lol. He was amazing but still lol


Jordan bell banking faders :sweat_smile:


Might happen


True. Same goes with Klay to a certain extent. For some reason, they have no problem being unrealistic with guys like Oden and Turk, but feel the need to keep it real with the splash bros


Curry is so average…

Opal Curry. They’d have to make him be able to dunk. His PD dunks the ball really well.


KD doesn’t need to play this series rest him and boogie come out in the finals fighting

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