Warning - TT Challenges Not Registering (EDIT: Working Now!)

Just beat the first one with no issue. But played the second one and hit 4 threes with Dr. J and it did not count me as getting the win

Also I did the XP challenges of score 10 with a center and hit 4 threes with a SF and neither counted


Cannot get past the second challenge

I tried hitting exactly one three and that didn’t work either

Same here, did all 3 challenges and didnt count

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1st and 2nd challenge worked for me so far

I get the w’s but not the weekend challenges xp


I’m not getting xp for the winning the first game or doing agenda goals

yeah i got 2 assists with DSJ in a TT challenge game and it didnt count, among others.

The first game of TT doesnt even work at all yeah.

Made 2 3s with Granger in unlimited dude quit and I got 0 registered.

Yh u can play the challenges n get XP for em but players/position specifics task doesn’t register for TTOffline spotlight challenges yet so I wouldn’t bother with em yet lol

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Anyone know if this is fixed yet?

How many points do I have to score in the game where you need 5 assists with a player in the TT spotlight challenges? The game isn’t ending yet and it’s 30-25
Edit: it was 34 lol

Are any of the agendas from tip-off & win the weekend working? I’ve had the spotlight and daily/weekly ones work fine, but nothing from the aforementioned 2. Sucks I have to hold onto valuable original owner cards because I can’t quickly collect the agenda xp.

Scratch that, I do see my Steve Smith points are counting thus far, but didn’t get the OO TToff (east) agenda from the same cluster of agenda goals

Not that it matters now but I think it’s 33 for anyone else reading this

What in the actual fuck is this bullshit? PRO DIFFICULTY?

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yo these challenges are so easy if you have curry. the steals one were kinda tough for me idk why, everything else is a breeze.

So these workin now?

They’re actually the hardest. I’ve done the requirement for the 2nd game a couple times and still haven’t gotten credit

Oh man for real? It worked fine for me. I’m on xbox if you guys are wondering. Plus doing all this boosted me up to lvl 13 already, so its definitely worth it.

SO all yall challenges are working? a few of mine were not honestly.