Do not buy from him. Scammed me on 100k. Paid to one email and he refunded it and said wrong email. Sent it to the new email and he Claimed to buy 2 of the 3 players but bought none. He continued on to change the emails that he had sent me to try and cover his tracks, fail. I have the screenshots to prove all of this as well. Shattered my dream of getting a diamond MJ, not cool man. Probably just going to sell the team and try to sell the MT. I should have never came back to this stupid mode. F U 2k

No way

Can’t believe people are so low scamming for 20$ smh

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Yup. I guess it really does happen to everyone. Best solution is just to quit this crap.

Its a fake account of the Youtuber NCNative, obv a scam acc

Yeah I kinda figured after we got this far down the road. That’s part of why I thought he was legit.

He just tried purchasing from me.

This mother effer has got some balls let me tell ya. At least behind the computer screen. Fuck you @NCNative94

Man these scam stories starting to pop up are starting to get annoying. Glad I came across class acts when buying my MT. Makes me not want to sell.

The only legit YouTuber who sells MT is Smoohv on 2KMTC. Buy from him there though, not here. Odds are that after I post this, somebody will make a fake account since one does not exist on this site. DO NOT BUY FROM SMOOHV ON THIS WEBSITE.

Avoid him

The two other guys I’d bought from were great deals. Everything went quick and smooth. Some people are just always going to be worthless scumbags who are too lazy to do actual work. Has anybody ever heard of getting any money back when paid as Friends and Family? Pretty sure it’s next to impossible, but idk.

Jesus’s Christ scams are at a all time high right now

I just bought off someone here it was very smooth and legit if you’re interested. XB1

Thanks @508G37, but I’m on PS4, and I’m not spending another penny. I just REALLY wanted to play with Diamond MJ. I’m almost positive I’m just gonna sell the team, even if I can’t get much just to try and makeup for some of what was a huge waste of money this year. I barely played last year, but played quite a bit in 16. This year has just been ridiculous in comparison. If they don’t do a complete 360, I’ll never play this game mode again, budget or no budget. I put up with enough of 2k’s BS with mycareer. This is a whole new level.

Just always try to get them to go first, worse comes to worse go in increments so if u get scammed at least it won’t be as much.

Yeah I did that when I bought from @Markant420 on 2KMTC, and that went great. I’ve become less cautious here, and it cost me. Damn man I only needed a little bit more for MJ too. Should of just grinded some out instead of getting greedy and wanting to get Kobe too. Think I’ll just create a MyLeague for the rest of the year.

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You have to be patient and do your homework. Look at the person’s profile and look at their reputation. You will also want vouchers if at all possible. I’ve bought more mt than I would like to admit but it’s wayyy better than buying packs. I haven’t had any issues. Just need notable sellers

Yeah I know, I know. Rookie mistake. Found him on Facebook, and it looks like a middle/ early high school kid. I’m ashamed of myself

Bump. Played this dude on 2k19 last night and has an all diamond squad