WARNING - Admin of another 2K forum posted from my account without my permission

I know that another 2K site (2K UN!VERSE) has been very focused (in an unhealthy way) with 2KGamer, but I need to give a warning to everyone that their administrator not only can get into accounts, but can and now has posted from a user’s (my) account without permission.

As a back drop, 2KU is always reading on 2KG and did not like a post I put up in early December. I made the mistake of clarifying my issues on their website when I did not fully understand some of the problems that exist there. I realized my mistake very quickly and have never posted there again and have tried not to even mention them on our site. Unfortunately they have a guy who has been focused on me since that time (it helps that everyone there likes to egg him on).

Friday (Jan 14) he started the following thread.

Apparently, they wanted another post from me so their administrator, jdealla, put in a post directly from my account (yes, he was able to do it!).

I have never heard of any discussion board where an administrator actually goes into a user’s account and posts from it. I emphasize I do not really care what they have said or say about me in the past or the future on their site as those things really do not bother me and, if anything, I find it both amusing and sad. It is not even what they put in the post since it was obvious it was not me and jdealla did not try to pretend it was me. However, to actually go into an user’s account and post from it crosses an ethical line. It does point out that on the Web there is really no one to police these type of people except to give out a warning like this to avoid the site.

This post is just there as a warning to everyone to really avoid this place and make sure you do not make the same mistake I did and create an account there.


“Don’t care” means monitoring us here and jumping back here to beef within minutes, okay got it.

Remember: no personal insults. If you have a personal issue with someone here, please discuss with mods or at least talk it out civilly.

I’ll flag and hide posts by people who can’t control their emotions but members can see the hidden posts if they like, to see who has gotten overly heated and had to act out.


I’m definitely not monitoring you I saw this posted & decided to respond to it. It’s not a hard concept to grasp. OP is condescending just like you & that rubs people the wrong way. If you have a problem with me do something about it. You run this place, run it how you see fit. :joy: You took the L at the end of the day bud.

Surprising that an admin there would do this, while not surprising at all. There are people over there who can’t keep to really basic boundaries and take shit way over the line, and the rest of them have seemed to at least tolerate it, though a bunch of them are all about it.

At least posting from your account was done in a way that made it obvious it wasn’t you. If you weren’t going to use the account, then I guess it’s not that big of a deal.

I don’t understand being an admin or moderator and adding to junior-high type beefing on the site, or joining in on the dogpiling, but we’ve seen them cheerlead for it as well.

If you’re not part of the clique, then it seems they’ll really make sure you know it.

Best to leave that shit in middle school, or there. Nobody here ought to go there to start shit up, like they have over here. Thankfully not for a while, recently.

But now it looks like some of them are all worked up at a simple, factual warning that admins there use their admin rights to fuck with members like cliquish children.

Sad that only some of them are actually children. But if they want to come here to show their ass, then might as well let them till they work out their energy, or for a little while anyway.


You guys only started that grown up shit when your entire site has left


What a fortuitous coincidence.

A suggestion for you: if you don’t care, you wouldn’t be here. And you wouldn’t post.

It’s okay to care, though. You don’t have to deny it. If I were you, though, I’d just drop the dumb beef. Especially because of the type of shit they have been doing there.

Also, please try to write intelligibly. Your post got hidden because it looks like spammy gibberish.


Mods and admins here have never encouraged members to gang up and fuck with other members. Always tried to put a stop to that type of childish shit. And never commandeered someone’s account in order to make them more of a target for people whose hobby is trolling on the Internet.


All of this is crazy, but I must say, a new account popping up to troll him in less than 15min on a different site is impressive. That’s dedication


Maybe not that big of a deal if they do it in shifts.


I saw it posted on the superior site. You fell off


Stop talking to yourself Harold it’s a bad look, you make up 95% of the nba threads now. Yikes




They pay you for advertisement? Y’all got flyers to hand out or something?

Yikes indeed. I try to encourage discussion.

Don’t know what you’re doing reading it, given how you apparently feel.

Wait didn’t one of your mods @star5CR34M make an account on 2ku for the sole purpose of trolling others & riling people up? :open_mouth: omg it’s almost as if the top members on this site where banned for no reason & this place soon fell off after….


I rather be on the winning team it’s okay to win rock with the losers tho


Man you guys cling to that life a life boat huh? Posting a couple of light hearted GIF’s still has you heated over a year later? While you uphold outstanding citizens who try to get people fired from their IRL job because they’re on a forum you don’t like…

Calling and texting people IRL and contacting their employer to get them fired is ‘all fun and games’ but post a GIF of a pig? Nah that’s too far :joy:

Site dead I sleep :skull::skull::skull:

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Ain’t no trophies, this isn’t a competition. I’ve been on both threads and they’re honestly in different markets. 2KU is a trolls paradise run by the former 2KG trolls. It’s like Arkham over there lol


Do me a favor and go screencap the posts that “VETRAPORK” made and then paste them here and try, with a straight face, to pretend like it was something terrible and bad. As opposed to some silly little joking that never went past that.

And then tell me how that equates to trying to narc on someone with their employer, and that not being a bannable offense. Or knowing that there are people using private information to fuck with people on their cell phones in real life, and not doing shit about it.

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This is an Internet discussion forum, sir.