Want some MJ consipiracy? Here ya go

I will say this again…

Stephen Curry is an Archangel commissioned by our Lord & Savior, Michael Jordan, to combat the evil Chose One and prevent him from winning his 5th MVP and his 4th, 5th, and 6th Championship Rings.


“Whoever designed the Numbers decided to make 9 the same symbol as 6, just flipped”

This is a dogshit video.


please keep this trash to yourself lol

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Ironically he was born in akron ohio, you’re on to something @DaNali

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My theory is actually credible. Not this coincidental number mumbo jumbo.

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The second coming of Shawn Blazington

Ya I hear ya, a lot of these new day conspiracies deal with numbers and some other bullshit like flipping em and reverse shit

I watched 10 minutes of this and felt my IQ drop easily 50 points. Had to stop.

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The best part, easily, of the entire video is when they show CP3 in the post-game conference saying “Im a father. I’m a wife.”


If we add up all of the mt I have and subtract my vc count while multiplying by my total games of domination, you get 433 which coincidentally is 1/963963 the weight of the sun.

If you add that up you get 1/9999. Flip it, 9999/1, or 9999, flip that, 6666, sixth letter in the alphabet, F. FFFF. Press F to pay respects. This meme started on Reddit, @Jpro6903 spirit social media is Reddit confirmed

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