Wanna sell opal KD

Thinking about selling KD but don’t know a replacement who would be just as good

I honestly don’t think there is anyone that is as good yet.

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Yup KD is so good

I’m going thru all the SFs thinking the same thing but he goes for so much & I know they’re gonna drop an even better one soon this card is low in some stats and most good players get two opals. I wanna sell him while him price is high just hard finding a good replacement

I wouldn’t sell now, wait until after tomorrow’s drop or hold off until the weekend

You should’ve sold before his price tanked. Ride it out with him unless you’ll need mt for the new one.

I had KD since he first dropped in packs and was always worried about selling him and kept him up until 3 weeks ago. He’s still very good but I was getting Kd fatigue. I also was afraid selling him and being unable to replace him. I’ve replaced him in the past weeks with. Odom, MPJ , Derozan and now Rudy with success. I was honestly glad I finally sold him because it forced me to try other cards and brought some life back into the game for me.