Walt Frazier

Has anybody used his sapphire how’s his jumpshot? This card actually looks solid as a backup pg I might use him. Defensively he’s straight clamps and has some of the best tendencies I’ve seen on a pg only 26 foul, 92 pass perception and 94 onball steal. The 3 ball is good enough wish the dunking was higher. He’s super athletic.

If they would’ve just gave him dimer he would be a sure in backup pg for me but without that I’ll rather have a diff player

Just bought his sapphire I’ll get back to you soon

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Jumper is pretty but on the slower side will be easy to green tho. He has the behind the back that Jordan and Harden have which is decent. His double cross is like Jordan’s and John Wall where he goes between the legs instead of in front of him. His body type looks like big o slight longer wingspan in my opinion. Pretty decent if you ask me. I feel if you liked Jojo white at the beginning this card is like a better version of him with a inch taller and longer wingspan.

Cant understand how is he doesnt have the hof dimer… I 200pts away from pd but this is not worth it this way imo.

Exactly he should def have hof dimer. That was such a head scratcher for me. I envisioned him to be a John Wall type with less dunking ability

The lack of HOF dimer really makes no sense. I was planning on grinding for him this weekend but he’s not better than lonzo sadly

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8k mt is better

Hows his dunking? Im thinkin of picking up john wall but if walt has decent dunking i might skip em.

He has a nice dunk package his sapphire dunked pretty wrll

Iight appreciate it fam.

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Nice I’d try him out if my power wasn’t down. Lol

He sounds solid as I said in another thread compare him to Wade outside of dunking they are pretty much similar

Yea was gonna grab Wade but I’ll try this Walt first doesn’t need to give me a lot of minutes

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yea thats a pretty spot on comparision

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So I just reached PD, really hope this Frazier will be ok next to my 98Kobe :smiley:

I just checked the tendencies… the 8 shot contest scares me.
Btw the 92 pass interception should be nice.

Actually looking at it more, he’s like a better John wall without a dunk.

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If any position you can get away with a low shot contest though it’s pg they are usually facilitating and if they are gonna shoot in a pick and roll or whatever I’m onball

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No point in grinding for diamond Walt Frazier when you can just get diamond Marcus Smart off the auction house for 10K MT with better dunking.

I hate Marcus Smart, lol.
And Frazier has way better playmaking. And also shooting…