Walt Frazier review (and highlight of the year) #talkinboutopals

Make sure your sideburns are fresh (no grays) and brush off your suede Pumas.
Come correct or Walt will be going home with your girl.

What do you get the man that has every opal you could ask for? The best pg of the 1970s with slick handles and a base 11 jumper. Walt’s the final opal review of the year. I’m out of tokens. As of this writing, only Mikan and Elgin Baylor have been redeemed fewer times than Frazier on PS4.

Check the video for all important animations.

Some highlights as well:
Green Bean post hop 3 in AI’s face

Swatting Penny Hardaway’s shit into the seats and then breaking his ankles—make ya knees touch the floor like ya legs are broke

Blow-by on PD Chris Paul, the most annoying steal-spamming defender in the game

And finally, highlight of the year, Walt drills a game winning three in Mark Price’s eye and then deadass slaps him in the face.

Juiced for playmaking and perimeter D. HOF D stopper, pick pocket, and pick dodger. Amazing pg badges with HOF ankle breaker, PNR maestro, dimer, lob city passer, flashy passer, and one man fast break. Also with HOF difficult shots and mid range deadeye. Only weakness is gold Limitless and gold DRD. Just don’t pull it from the logo–take a few steps in.

Base 11 all day. Timing seems identical to AK47 version. One of the easiest base 11 to green IMO. The video shows his godly moving stepback–the move to the right is a double stepback that creates huge space. He has a decent leaner that looks like Jason Richardson’s to me. Even better, his moving hop shots are GODLY. If you want to shoot moving 3s, instead of using the leaner, just tap square and then hold for the shot. His hop shots are the easiest to green that I’ve used all year—this animation doesn’t seem like it varies as much from player to player as do leaners, but the timing of Frazier’s hop and regular shots are very similar, making him incredibly easy to use.

Moving BTB is quick and glitchy–looks like the same animation on Gilbert Arenas and Shaq. It destroys offball.
Has many of James Harden’s animations, including the lateral hesi and backwards escape dribble.
His sizeup is better than Harden–note how quickly he can speedboost out of it (the move that destroys CP3).
Has the slow version of the momentum cross.
Can speed boost quickly out of one rhythm dribble, but 3 rhythm dribble combo is slow.
Has a quick double behind the back that he can speed boost out of instantly.
Can instantly speed boost off a double crossover.

He is overall one of the fastest cards in the game with 99 SWB and 99 acceleration.

Unlike Harden, he cannot do the best version of the momentum spin (cannot Steezo).

All perimeter badges on HOF.
99 ratings in steal, on ball D IQ, and lateral quickness!
Importantly, he also has 80 strength and 80 low post D IQ, so he can guard many of the SFs people run at pg without having to be subbed out.

As a defender, he gets on ball steals equal to cards like MJ, Arenas, and Mitch Richmond. Perhaps only Kawhi rips defenders better among cards I have used this year. Also blocks a surprising number of shots.

Notice in the video that he has FADE 3. Also has Carmelo Anthony’s post hop package, my favorite in the game. Can easily post hop back to the 3 point line. With 80 strength and 95 post fade, can score easily on any other small guard that checks him.

Seems to get Playmaker/Lockdown with most coach/shoe combinations.
Extremely fun and seems like a somewhat uncommon combo. Lock just increases the number of rips he gets to an absurd level. And playmaker has GO defenders on ice.

Not sure if everyone know this, but Playmaker also has a “super dimer” effect that increases the shooting of anyone who catches the pass. I don’t believe this effect can be canceled by HOF D stopper either. It’s a very underrated takeover.

Final ranking and recommendations:
Non-meta point god with extremely high fun factor. Slick handles and one of the best releases in the game (the easiest to time version of base 11). Also incredible at hitting moving shots due to his stepback animations and easy to green hop shots.

If he continues at the rate he’s been on for my first 10 games with him, Frazier will be my best 3 point shooting card of the year.

Incredible ISO sauce king with nice dribble animations and insane quickness. Truly one of the fastest cards in the game.

Shoe recommendation would be South Beaches or black Adidas Superstars to further boost his low post D–allows him to stay on the floor against more matchups.


Grabbing him tomorrow, have a lot of tokens and don’t care about limited cards.

Always assumed he must be OP because he was right after Worthy, they were still giving cards secret sauce

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He’s really fun

I’m most surprised at how well he shoots and the post hops

I use base 11 a lot but damn he doesn’t miss

Must be new card sauce

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Does he has red coverse on by default?


He might be able to wear diamond converse

I didn’t try

Ended up giving him black Superstars

Nice looking forward to your reviews on some of the day 1 2K20 cards, we need the hidden gems for the first month grind.


2k fucked up on this one…his animations are good for dribbling past people but he’s too small for it to be effective unless you’re getting onballed

He’s extremely non meta lol

Still good fun against those rare people that play onball D

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to each their own…it feels like a lame handicap when diamonds perform better

That slap in the face was incredible :clap:

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Price found out that a pimp’s love is very different than the love of a square

Lmao😂! That fade 3 was absolutely filthy as well! Jesus.

He can green bean the shit out of those

I was posting up Lebron in TTO earlier

Couldn’t back him down but they had no idea that the post hop was coming

Their jaw was probably on the floor

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I hope I can match up with you on TTO sometime just to helplessly try to defend your dribble sauce

I’m legit surprised when anyone tries to onball for a whole match

I’m a much better offensive player (which is really bad bc defense is so much more important), so I definitely get torched by anyone dribbling as well as me or better

But I keep onballing bc I find it more fun

Unless someone offballs the entire match—then I go to rapid on and offball switching to clamp peoples dribbles and play passing lanes. That’s hell to play against when done well.

If I remember correctly

Mine is play/sharp with dantoni and Jordans that boost block and I believe moving 3

Also he is devastating in freelances where he’s moving without the ball

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You can get sharp/shot if you use casey, and a shoe that doesn’t boost any passing stuff.

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Anyone who’s still playing will have to grind roughly 60 hours to get enough tokens for him

Thanks 2K for handing out more tokens after you stopped releasing content!

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Dude I locked the heat check sets to get him

I’ve already locked everything else possible

I’d still like to try Payton and Mikan and would probably spend money to do so

But there’s no way to do it other than grinding 60 hours

What a fucking joke


I’m clawing for Mchale and would love to get AI/VC/Payton/Walt. Damn shame it will take me 4 more months to accomplish that