Wall Beal duo

Anyone use them? How are they?

I use them. Wall is a beast no matter what u do. Im tryin to figure out how much wall loses without the duo so i can run klay @ 2. Ive only played a cpl games but he doesnt seem to fall off much. So i may scratch beal.

My wall has the red kyries so that helps as well. Id run penny if he didnt have the shoes


Beal is the worst 3 pt shooter I have ever used. I am not even joking. Wall is crazy good. But it is impossible to use beal, he even gets a 99 3 ball with the duo but he is terrible.

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I greened everything with beal that’s weird

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Yea i happen love beals release. As far as a spot up guy i think hes awesome. Klay just gives me alot more all around. N his release is even better

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How much is Amy Klay?

Like 10k keep ur eyes open i found one for 6k before i switched to his diamond

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