Wait to use Locker Codes!

Servers are extremely bad because of the Event going on plus everyone logging on for locker code so just wait til tonight or tomorrow.

I did both codes and the first one I got the 25k and It didnt show at first so I kept re-entering myteam until i got in and it appeared.

The PD code, I landed on Blake but it disconnected right when I got him so I’m scared if I’ll get him

Worst case: People are entering codes then getting disconnected. These guys can’t re-enter their codes so just wait


Ugh i want a PD now lol but they already scammed me from the first code

on both codes rip

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Got disconnected right when I entered it. Can I still get the ball drop?


Ronnie said on stream that if you got disconnected you can re-enter code at a later time


Oh good

Yeah, in 2k20


Really hate my life… Can’t reenter the code cause I put it in and crashed :frowning: got 25k and absolutely nothing.

Yeah I got a “you’ve already entered this code” message for both things. I’m hoping they still work on my system since I did them on my brothers.

I got disconnected on the Pd drop. I needed a pd because I am a budget player with one diamond

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Did he say how long it would be? I tried reentering the code but it’s telling me it’s already been redeemed


I’m having the same problem mate

Bet Preciate that brother

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Is it safe to type it in yet?

Is this true?

Thank you!! Good looking out bro

I’d say wait until the am bro to much traffic atm

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yea, i got the error codes. I didn’t know this was a thing until after it happened.