Wager or u scared?


delete thread mods…everyone scared

Play @Pedronqneves

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he ps4…im xbox

This is pathetic

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didnt i tell u…

everyone is scared…this was a waste of time

He is better than me bro , at least play more competitive than me. He is on east playing stage , he have more experience , but I would love to play with him and against him all day to be better .

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Let the record show:

According to my time clock he posted the thread and then 2 min later said “mods lock” because everyone’s scared.

This guys, straight up :clown_face:


@thePre2 probably isn’t on right now.

yo mods…i wont do this anymore

but this dude is really talking crazy

like im not the best on this site

This is pretty cringe dude, the attitude 2k players have is hilarious :joy:

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Please stop creating callout threads @dnttalktomeh.