Wager? or are u scary?

u keep talking crazy about me…let me just end it

look at how he uses yao ming


u are pissy today goddamn just get this over with lol

bro…he’s literally in every thread mentioning me…or sneak diss

let me just prove he’s scared and i’ll delete this

ask anyone who played team up how trash you were. That’s your game mode too. Even your teammates will agree

Play each other on 2k19, 2k20 is too much broken for competition


That’s actually a really good idea…


Finally something on the site worth checking out… see what happens when 2k doesn’t drop content we get call outs lol


@508G37 we playing or not bro…

i have to agree. i went back in and everything was different though didnt bother relearning everything to just come back lol

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yes or no question


Best two out of three… let’s see where this goes

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I already told you I’m not playing your trash ass in a broken game. I’m just saying you’re not even close to the best player on this site. I’m sorry that it triggers you to the point where you dedicate a thread to me.

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ok…just so we on the same page…

I’m ass at the game correct? but u still wont play me for an easy wager?


How old are these people?


my job here is done…if u say anything about me just refer to this thread

ur ass and scary

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You were talking shit about him in a thread he had 0 posts in… obviously I’m just a random bystander at this point but this is not a good look


i dont think u understand how ridiculous this is

this guy cant even quick stop

im done with this site

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Can’t believe he can’t even quick stop …

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Why you dont want to play him in 2k19? 2k20 is the worst nba2k game ever I totally understand @508G37

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