Wager for 25k on 2k ( Tyceno vs Annoying )

Imagine gambling 25k on a video game

It’s like a sport now man , they make way more with this they live from this and they live well .
They not gambling they trust on their capabilities

Bro, why is this so stressful to watch lol!!! That was a crazy game winner. 25k from winning a game of 2k park is insane, these guys are definitely building something special

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I have a great ability at playing poker, I trust in my abilities. Does that mean I’m not gambling?

Risk involved in skills is different from poker, poker is based on luck vs competitive stuff based on skills

And 2k is purely skill based? No luck involved with rng?

Bruh let’s be real, 1 - 2 bullshit miss ain’t the same as literally having no sway on the outcome of the hand ur dealt

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I’m not by any means arguing poker isn’t gambling (for clarity I don’t play poker other than with the boys) I’m saying his is on 2k.

This was crAzy for them and the community a lot of people are growing around them .
Was the first they look nervous in a game ahah

they just baiting for views i doubt its gonna be 25k

Man this is not poker for sure , and even poker is professionalized now. Some type of poker depends more on the user than others , i ve a friend that live playing poker he have practices and all :joy:
Gambling is somehow legalize almost everywhere in the western world , sports bets , casinos , even in games with packs .
They just bettingtheirselves , and they know if they lose it’s because they were outplayed , they growing , the community is growing, the game is getting better with this too .
They live and live well playing a video game l.
We can talk about some negative impact on kids , but in the society we have this for everything , even 2k promote pure gambling in packs and EA etc that’s pure gambling and no one will do nothing about it too


Na , trust me … it’s not even 10 % of they earns this year .
They donate together in a game 10k for black live matter movements and corona , plus all the gift and subs of that wager they display .
They have a lot of money , both of them are always going out of their comfort zone and they have a competitive spirit playing wagers all the time .
One day Tyceno had show his numbers around good wagers and he makes way more than the money he normally puts in

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https://twitter.com/allaroundnba2k/status/1287957653046657031?s=21 this final :joy: