Wade Rebounds

I swear to god, my controller almost grew wings trying to do this, I really need help guys, my sanity is at an all-time LOW…

TT offline. Even on bad games you get 1 rebound for 5 minutes of playtime.

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Play TTOffline. Switch Wade to guard the worst shooter. Sag off and wait for them to shoot

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Just leave the cpu open and rebound with Wade or try to foul. Then get the rebound.

It’s in the spotlight challenge, I’ve tried everything but Tim Duncan is a nightmare and wade is a midget when it comes to rebounding…

And especially if it’s early TTOff games, make sure Wade is tallest on team.

I did it in a handful of games with him playing with Gold and Bronze PGs.

It’ll be really easy unless maybe if you got to high Diff level.

I jus put wade at C and hunted rebounds. Had 10 midway thru the 3rd

Ah in that case please go here: