W or L - Just copped PD ASG Kuz w/ Orange cp3 for 185k


W just because thats a steal in general for such a good card.

I use with the same shoes, he’s godly.

W kuzma Post Fade All Day

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It seemed like that might be the best shoe for him as well. Do you run him with that?


Same shoe on mine too

Cp3x on Mine Too :innocent:

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Best shoe for him

Great deal seen him end around 195k naked

Yer I don’t regret this card one bit, he carries my bench unit

Guys this kuzma is amazing. One of the best values for a top 10 card

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Scored an effortless 40 in mtu with him last night due to someone using harden at sg. Game is so broken

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He was going 200k with nothing pre lebron so you def got a good deal

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I got him for 175 k on xbox with a diamond shoe that boosts contested 3, draw foul, shot contest, speed I think and bc. Does anyone know what its called?