Vucevic traded to Chicago, Gordon to Denver


Bruuh Orlando just got robbed in a legal way lol

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Chicago going in the right direction , and embarrassing for the Celtics

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Why is the Orlando Magic front office so bad? Also… why didn’t the Blazers go for Vuch :rage::rage::rage:

Let’s go Bulls, defiantly think they can make the playoffs this year!!

It will be close

Unload the Truck

Horrible, horrible franchise

Yo even fornier to boston

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Gordon coming next but where to?

Woah… Orlando going from terrible to boderline disastrous



Making dreams come true.
Only for Chicago and Boston fans

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Orlando going full reta, sorry rebuild.

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Clearance Sale:

For Sale or TRADE:
Magic Players
Whatever shit you wanna get rid of we will take the garbage

I’m just sad for Lillard wasting his prime in Portland. Our GM is horrible

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@trala7 we need to riot oshley out of the office

At least Bamba is finally getting some more playing time now


Not so fast on the Fournier trade.

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