Vuc staying in orlando

This only means one thing. mo camba to boston :eye:

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No bamba to the lake show!!!


L for the magic. Even dr strange wouldn’t be able to find an outcome where Vuc is on a championship contender

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Idk vuc is pretty damn good but i know what you mean bc if hes your max contract player youre not winning shit

He’s a regular season warrior. Gonna be good enough to keep the magic out of a top 5 pick but bad enough that they never make it past the 2nd round. That’s the worst spot to be.

In this day and age it’s nice to see a team re up on a player they groomed. Winning or not But deserves his $$. Awesome player very underlooked should’ve been an all star…actually he was

Yup agreed. Front offices like orlando and detroit seem to love that