Vote for 2KG Week-King League Matchups! ๐Ÿ€ Voting ends at 12AM EST

Vote for 2KG Week-King League Matchups! :basketball: Voting ends at 12AM EST

The 2 members with the most votes will compete in a Best of 3 Series to be crowned Week-King Champion. Anyone who does not compete this weekend will have another opportunity next weekend. All votes are anonymous.

Vote for PS4 matchup (choose 2)

  • Sssnaps
  • RodSquad

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Vote for PS5 matchup (choose 2)

  • Fokus_XG
  • UnbeatableJacob
  • Koolaiddjammer
  • BecauseTK

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Vote for XB1 matchup (choose 2)

  • YuBuuBuu
  • jc9288
  • SmokeHouseTTV

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Xbox Nex Gen matchup

@Fokus_XG VS @raptorsbenchmob




@Fokus_XG itโ€™s TIME FOR BATTLE




IDK, itโ€™s hard to beat @YOSEMITE_HAM and @RodSquad

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Donโ€™t sleep on Smokehouse


i know i have simply been outmatched

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My boy!!!

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I know JC and Smokehouse are tough. Iโ€™m excited either way

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Looking good for me. Real excited for a @YuBuuBuu matchup, itโ€™s been too long.

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HYPED to watch RodSquad Vs YOSEMITE_HAM it is gonna be great where can i watch?

Def too long. Honestly didnโ€™t even know you still played MyTeam

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Where is the new thread for this weekend? Xbox One