Visual guide to collecting the new jerseys



Would have been helpful for me 2 hours ago :sweat_smile:

I must have the thunder City jerseys too expensive tho rn

@2KGamer throw this in the guide section definitely would be helpful

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Statement Warriors :yellow_heart::blue_heart:

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What’s like the average price of these jerseys right now?

way too much lol

i’ve spent between 1.5k - 8k per jersey

This got snipe material written all over it

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Both Celtics jerseys are fuego


I wonder if the Bucks fired the marketing team that came up with “Cream city”… it’s impossible to not laugh whenever I see that jersey

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This jersey prices tho… need to boost attributes like shoes

I always think of WuTang clan when I see it. Cream get the money dolla dolla bills y’all

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