Vintage Ball

Does this card exist? Haven’t seen it yet

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I have the same question and havent seen the Camo ball either.

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Yep haven’t seen either of them, only 2 I need to get the disco ball :frowning:

Is it a domination reward?

I’ve completed all 3 dominations and don’t have them, I hope they aren’t or I’ve done something wrong

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This is gonna be like last years missing balls smh,has anyone send a ticket to 2k about this?

I submitted one after you said that, I’ll try and pass on the info they give me

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Camo ball is a reward for locking in the team balls from dom

Also figured it was a dom reward. It better be available as I want that disco ball again!

We’re still waiting on those 2 camo balls from 2k18 lol.


No, I’ve been checking this too.

There are two camo ball rewards from dom. Those are different from the bronze Camo ball. I also cannot find the bronze camo ball or the gold vintage ball.

I think they are either missing, or search is glitched for them in the AH.

Aren’t there a couple jerseys’ and/or arenas you have to use custom filters to find? I wonder if balls have same issue, but since there aren’t any extra filters for balls, we have no workaround?

I’m at 1150 cards, so I’ve been checking these balls for a while, haha.

Yeah, I want them, two pieces closer to AK47.

Disco ball is stupid though.

Over 24 hours and 2k hasn’t responded the ticket woohooo

Bro I’m at 8 days and counting

I know it’s super late, but 2k just responded, 21 days later and had this to say… How do they not know what’s wrong with their own game? I want my Disco ball :tired_face:


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I hope the disco ball stays lost forever. This is Basketball not Studio 54.

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This is so shit lol I want the disco ball Haha


lol I want it too.

its not in the game guys. same as some jerseys im pretty sure

How in the hell do u leave that out? makes no damn sense.