Vintage ball in the auction house

I assume the camo is fixed now too, but thanks to some kind soul posting the vintage for 900 I now own the annoying disco ball.

Small fix, but I’ll take it.


Good looks! Will try get mine now

I’m going to sell mine for 100k

My luck sucks. Had to quicksell 2 bronze camo balls because they wouldn’t allow me. Now you can sell them lmfao

lol I’ve quick sold a ton. lol oh well it’s not like they’ll go for a ton but it would be nice to get a little more mt.

The ones on XB1 is over 10k bid rn

Serious lmao? I have one let’s go

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Hopefully they can add the missing jerseys in. As well as the new city jerseys

I know me too. I want this new raps jersey. They got it in play now :slight_smile: